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Andrea Borowsky Arrival NZ (looking for car, flat, real estate)
We will arrive in Auckland on April 22.04.2011. Can someone tell me where I can get on a good car? Or do someone know an honest real estate agent, who perhaps speak german too?
Andrea Borowsky
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As you'll be near Napier, go to Turner's Auctioneers to look for a car. That's where I got mine from. They are very good.
Christoph Bachmann Any room in any share flat available? Can be a skyscraper or just a cave! :-))
Hi AKL guys ;-)
I am looking as well for a clean, friendly share-flat, a nice light room, better in the center than in the suburbs, just to be close to all kind of activities. Hopefully with internet access and a heater :-)) What websites to look on do you recommend?
Looking forward for any tipps and suggestions
02102 73 36 49


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