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Martin Kaltenböck Ergänzung für unser Entwicklungsteam in den Bereichen: Drupal, PHP und JavaScript gesucht
Wir suchen ab sofort eine/n engagierte/n neue/n MitarbeiterIn mit Skills in den Bereichen PHP und JavaScript (JS) - und zumindest gutem Basiswissen im Bereich Drupal - für die Mitarbeit in unserem Team im Bereich (semantische) Datenportale und (semantische) Informations-Management Systeme basierend auf Drupal - hier in Wien, Österreich.
Ivan Komskyy Wieder Kapazitäten frei!
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
unser Unternehmen SaM Solutions GmbH ( hat aktuell freie Kapazitäten, die wir Ihnen für Ihre Projekte bereitstellen können. Das Team kann sowohl Wartung als auch neue Entwicklungsprojekte übernehmen. Das Team würden wir Ihnen gerne für Nearshore-Entwicklungen zur Verfügung stellen.
Kurze Skills-Zusammenfassung:
-LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP), Custom platforms (e.g. IIS, MSSQL, PHP);
-DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript (AJAX, JQuery, JSON);
-Yii, Zend, PhpMVC;
-PHP5, PHP4;
-PEAR, Smarty;
-JpGraph, GD2, ChartDirector, fPDF;
- Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress;
-PhpUnit, Selenium;
Würde auf Ihre Fragen warten.
Skype: ivanne1988
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Francesco Sottile What to do
Hi all,
i am interested in creating a new Drupal distribution specifically designed and implemented for and enterprise environment.
It will be based on Drupal (which will keep the core) but will focus more on an enterprise environment.
Modules developed for this distribution will also be available to the Drupal community.
I am interested in knowing your opinion and if you can cooperate on such a project.
thank you,
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Francesco Sottile
Re^2: What is Kuntent?
Hi Adrian,
thanks for you feedback.
Actually the name is just for historical reasons. We are already thinking to change it into something different.
Probably it will sinply be Drupal-Enterprise.
It is not only a matter of profiles and theming.
We would like to create a Drupal Distribution which already incorporate and integrate all the possible features which are needed in an enterprise environment . This would include a possible set of additional open source components/solutions to be shipped with the distribution.
Eventhough many functionalities are already available as modules, they are rarelly tested
For example:
- LDAP integration
This would simplify integration with SAP systems, OCS and so on
- Caching / load balancing
- Centralised Session Management
- Scalability and clustering
- Development Modes (for example you can have a website in 3 modes: development, testing and production. Those 3 modes will store data in different databases and share only few tables)
- Development Versioning (let you bring the whole website back in time to a certain backup date)
- Better CRM integration
this is just a short list..


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