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Deborah Bershatsky
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Mehrzad Shariati
Dear Jeanette,
Sorry for the late feedback to your request, as I was not online for last two weeks.
The "Anger" problem in South Africa i not something which can be solved in short period as it is a old wound and it needs time.
I am sure you know the situation before "black power" and at the time of apartheid.
This is not the Anger but the huge hate of generations between occupier and locals and can/shall be handled fundamentally with support from Politic and society.
Africa is not alone and there are many countries in the world which have the same problem and it will not be solved as long as the world politic don´t change its strategy and finally handle in a win-win strategy/policy.
Sorry I don´t want get a politically discussion but just would like to give you some impression from an external witness.
Best regards


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