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Jackie Bojor Sterilisation vs. Euthanasia / Killing of stray dogs
What is your experience / the situation in your country with the stray dog population?
Is there a sterilisation program in place? Are the dogs killed / euthanasied?
In Romania, animal lovers are fighting to get approved legislation for obligatory sterilisation of stray / community dogs and cats. It has been proven that the killing of unwanted animals does not reduce the population, only STERILIZATION.
Currently there are people in hunger strike in Romania for the laws to be passed.
What is your experience in this respect?
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Jackie Bojor
Pat Kramer Animal Lovers Pull Together for an Abused Dog
LOS ANGELES (February 10, 2010) – “Toto,” a 7-year old Chihuahua/Schipperke mix, spent his life tied up in a locked garage before a neighbor alerted L.A. City Animal Control. He then spent another five months sharing a kennel with three other dogs at the West Valley Animal Shelter before a concerned dog lover noticed him and initiated a massive media campaign to find this dog a home.
Writer For Hire Pat Kramer spotted the 14-pound Chihuahua mix with the ‘huge eyes’ last November while visiting the Shelter to adopt another dog. At that time, “Toto” was on the shelter’s ‘Green List,’ one step away from being euthanized. Due to being kept in the dark for so many years, his little eyes bulged from exposure to sunlight. But according to the Shelter’s staff, he was one of the sweetest, most loved dogs there.
Pat recalls, “With the number of dogs needing a home, I was afraid he might get ‘put down before I could help him.”
When she returned to adopt him a few weeks later, Toto was very ill from the crowded conditions at the shelter and was not expected to survive. However, he did, and on January 5th, Pat began fostering him at her home until a permanent home could be found. “I was intent on seeing this through,” she says, “no matter how inconvenient it might be.”
To help her along, the animal shelter donated a carrying crate. Local animal rescue foundation, New Leash on Life, also pitched in donating a sleeping crate for Toto. To help socialize him, Jami, a local animal trainer began teaching him basic social skills.
Over the next few weeks, Toto’s photo and story were posted by on Facebook, Craigs List, and animal rescue sites: New Leash on Life, Second Acts Foundation and Pet Adoption Fund with Animal Control Officer Gabi Hartel and Mae Ross of 321 Talent Showcase helping with the postings. Through these efforts, thousands of people were acquainted with Toto’s plight and on January 26th, a local family adopted him.
Today, as a result of many people working together, Toto is now a ‘pet’ for the first time in his life. No longer tied up or left alone, he has a family to love.
Says Pat, “In the process of helping this little guy, I became aware of the many wonderful people out there who give of their time to rescue unwanted pets. These people are real ‘saints’ for what they do!”
She adds, “If people can donate even a small amount, it will help. For those who can adopt, please do so now. It’s so critical that these animals get some help. The love you get back will more than compensate for your costs -- and as we know-- no act of kindness goes unpaid, especially as it relates to animals.”
Pat Kramer, a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, is the founder of Writer For Hire and a proponent of animal rescue work and charities supporting humane treatment of animals.
Jackie Bojor Cat Chat UK
Cat Chat is a UK Registered Charity (reg. no. 1100649) -
We are a web-based Charity, currently find loving, permanent homes for over 5,000 unwanted and abandoned cats every year from rescues across the UK through our ‘Virtual Cat Shelters’. Our homing services are given free of charge to all kinds of rescues, large and small, from the many hundreds of independent rescue centres and rehoming groups to branches of the larger organisations.
We are now helping to find homes for around 430 cats each month - that's over 5,000 a year
Our Objectives
We aim to help rescue centres in any way we can, through this site, to find more homes for cats in their care. Rescue centres are still continually full with stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens, and despite the constant message of 'neuter, neuter, neuter!' it still seems there are too many homeless cats and too few homes. There are literally thousands of cats in care in the UK right now, and it is still a sad fact that many cats are put to sleep each year because there are simply not enough homes to go round. We aim to do all we can to redress that balance.
The Objects in the Cat Chat Constitution are:
* "To promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities whose purposes are to promote animal welfare, by the provision of an internet website, IT support and facilities"
* "To advance the education of the public in matters of animal welfare by the provision of a website and information service"
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Jackie Bojor
Hi Paul - thanks for your comments.
As the Group Moderator, I am actually promoting various animal welfare organisations - including this one - and I encourage you to do the same on the Group's forum.
Most of them deal with shelters, sterilisations, adoptions etc. - some have more focus on one activity than the others.
I am not aware of this one to be against neutering - is this what you are trying to say...? Sorry but it is not clear from you posting...
BTW - perhaps you would like to let us know more regarding your local and international experience in animal welfare - we're trying to encourage sharing of useful i nfo, suggestions etc. on this forum.
Thanks in advance for the clarifications.
Jackie Bojor
Group Moderator


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