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Jackie Bojor How to Build an Internet Animal Welfare Campaign
1) Get a web page.
Get a free home page from Geocities by going here and filling out the form. (There are hundreds of other free home page offers on the Internet if you don't like Geocities.)
If you don't know how to construct a page using HTML code, you can download an HTML editor for free and use it to design your page. It's VERY easy. You can receive plenty of free online HTML help at W3Schools.
For graphics, download a trial version of the latest copy of Paint Shop Pro and design your own - or take advantage of the many thousands of "free graphics" sites on the Internet - just type in the the words "clip art" in a search engine.
If you want to collect letters online, add a guestbook to your site. Try Guestbook by htmlGEAR or any of the other hundreds of free guestbooks. Guestbook by htmlGEAR has many features including private entries and an entries-screening feature so that you can approve the entries before the public can read them.
Add a newsletter for guests who would like to be notified by email when there is an update to your campaign. You can get one free at Bravenet. If you do not choose to use a newsletter service, please, use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) feature on your email program to send email to your mailing list. (More on that in Miscellaneous below.)
Get a free poll by going to Bravenet Mini Polls. (Geocities also offers a lot of extras for your site.)
Use search engines to find sites that might link to you, find free graphics, free internet services like guestbooks, to research your campaign, free help with HTML and so on. Please don't write to other webmasters and ask them to do your work for you.
2) Present accurate information.
Get your facts from a newspaper or TV news show when possible, and if that's impossible have quotable first-hand sources. Check and double-check your information. Choose carefully who will be contacted in your campaign: if you aren't directing letters to the right person, your efforts will be wasted.
You do need permission to post copyrighted material including newspaper articles that appear on the internet; you do not need permission to state facts or to use a small quote from a newspaper article. If you use a newspaper article to obtain facts, or if you quote from an article, state the source - "From the article _____ that appeared in _____ on 8/21/98." If you need the entire article, either link to the article or get permission to reprint it on your site.
Remind people to write civilized letters. It does not help any cause when people send death threats, use foul language or call people obscene names, etc.
Check your original source frequently, and update when necessary.
If you have a letter-writing campaign, give people the email and snail mail address(es), phone and fax numbers of the person you want them to contact. Send email, fax, and phone yourself before you post the information online, to verify that it's correct. If you are asking them to write their representative, give them a link to a reference section or post this information on your site.
3) Give people an action to take.
Some options for a campaign:
Ask people to write letters directly to the people involved - the judge or the Senator, etc. If you can give them an email address or a fax number, you'll get more people involved. You can also place a form letter on your website and ask people to print it out and mail it. (It's not a good idea to ask people to email a form letter - this is pretty useless unless the sheer volume of email makes a statement in itself.) Before writing your email, check out DawnWatch's Email Etiquette for outstanding pointers in animal advocacy letter writing.
Run a petition. Install a CGI form that will take names and addresses. If you know nothing about CGI, you can pay someone to do it for you. You can also post a blank petition form on your site that people can print out and sign, and also use themselves to collect signatures from others.
Run a boycott. Tell people what you want them to boycott and why.
The main thing is, clearly describe the action you want people to take, and give them whatever information they need to take this action. It is pointless to say "Cats are being exterminated in Somewhere, U.S.A." and leave it at that; you must provide something for people to do about it.
4) Promote your site.
Ask people for links. There are many sites on the web that promote animal welfare campaigns. Ask these sites for a link to your cause. Have the web page ready for linking, and provide a banner. Please do not write to webmasters and say, "Here's a cruelty case I heard of, can you do something about it?" People who run animal welfare sites already spend every free moment they have getting out information about existing campaigns and generating publicity for them. They do not have time to start up your campaign, design your web page or research information for you.
Sign up for a banner-exchange program, like Linkexchange. If you don't know how to make a banner, most of these services have a list of people who will design one for you.
Register with the search engines.
Sign guestbooks. But please don't just glance at the site's first page and write "Cool site, now here's a campaign I need your guests' help on." Look at their site and comment on it, too.
These four things should be enough to get your traffic started. The animal-welfare network is pretty streamlined these days; news travels a lot faster than it used to.
A few words about composition.
Avoid lengthy expressions of rage - for example, "John Smith is an evil piece of human garbage and pieces of shit like him should all be shot." Stay on the journalistic side of the line. You don't want to appear to be as psychotic as the people you're writing about.
Don't go on at great length about your emotional response to the situation. Let people form their own emotional response based on your facts and description. A good rule of thumb: you should not spend more time talking about how you feel than you do describing the situation.
Avoid using lots of !!!!!s, CAPITAL LETTERS and BIG BOLD UNDERLINED WORDS and different fonts and colors. This makes you look a LITTLE NUTS!!!!! and it's harder to READ, too!!!!
Make the page as clear as possible: 1) information and 2) action to take. People will glance at the top of the page first - give them the highlights there, and put the details below. Don't make them hunt for the email address/fax number or whatever - spotlight that information. List all your sources of information.
Make the page a fast download: use graphics judiciously. OR, give people a text-only option.
If your campaign contains a description that might be disturbing to children or sensitive adults, warn people before and after the description. If you use a disturbing photo, put it on a separate page and warn people before giving them the link. Make it easy for people to avoid disturbing descriptions or photos, or you'll risk having them avoid your page altogether.
You must use the word "alleged" each and every time you mention a person who has been arrested for a crime. "John Smith allegedly _____. He then allegedly ______."
If you send an email to a large group of people, please don't put all their email addresses in the "CC:" (Carbon Copy) section. Choose the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) option on your browser and put the addresses in there. Why? Because if you don't, anyone on the list can hit the "Reply All" key and harass the recipients of your email until the end of time. There is no faster way to lose the support of people who were interested in your cause than by subjecting them to a lot of stupid email from jerks - or worse, email in which people attempt to reason with these jerks. BCCing people will also make your email much shorter, since the email addresses won't show up in the header.
Here are the petition basics:
If you want people to take an Interent-based petition seriously, you have to collect names and valid mailing addresses and you have to protect the addresses from public view. Inform people that their address will not show up online, and make this information stand out from the rest of the instructions because once people see that a full address is required they tend to balk. You also need to inform people that their "signature" is useless without this valid street address, because at the end of the petition a random selection of names may be contacted to verify the petition signatures. (Hence, if they can not be contacted, they will help to invalidate the petition.) Let them know that you will not be selling their names and that the data will be destroyed after the petition is over. You can also provide the text of the petition in a format that they can print out, sign, and mail back to you for those who still don't want to give out their address online.
Email petitions in which someone adds their name and city/state and then forwards the petition to someone else are not only useless, they are specifically prohibited by the terms of service of most Internet service providers: you could lose your ISP account. The most famous of these forwarded petitions is the "Women in Afghanistan" email, which I'm sure most of you have received. The originator of the petition had her email address deleted by her ISP, and the thousands of "signatures" were deleted unread. You can read the details here: Women in Afghanistan. Another informative web site to check out regarding what the differences between harrassing email petitions and good web based petitions are is Do E-mail Petitions Work?
Jackie Bojor Fund raising suggestions - badly needed!
Hello Everybody!
Some of our members are struggling to raise funds for their animal shelters, for their sterilisation campaigns etc. Maybe for some of you it is not easy to understand that, for instance, in Romania the concept of SHELTER is actually the back yard or the out-of-city garden that an animals lover has turned into a shelter where they collect injured animals and help them not to die in the streets.
In my opinion, these people are HEROES - they spend all their personal income for food, medical assistance and for keeping such a "private shelter" running.
One such shelter is the one run by APAM in Minisc (near ARAD). Currently Cristina and her Mom are trying to build a fence so that the dogs are separated from the cats they save...
What fund raising suggestions do yo have for them?
I am confident that with your help and ideas, we can help these people raise some money and improve the conditions for their animals.
Jackie Bojor
Jackie Bojor
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Jackie Bojor
Re^2: Fundraising-Ideen und Anregungen - erforderlich
Was ist Ihr Vorschlag für eine Fundraising-Veranstaltung?
Bycle Rennen?
Jahres-Kalender mit Tier-Fotos?
Mit Dank im Voraus,
Jackie Bojor
Jackie Bojor Auction with animal-inspired objects?
Hi Everybody,
I had this idea for a while now... To organise a mini-auction with donated items inspired from the animal world...
Things like: jewelery, home decorations, toys, fashion accessories... These would be donated by various animal lovers and the auction should be held in a professional manner, by a "professional auctioneer"...
There are of course a series of problems like:
- there are very few professional auctioneers in Romania...
- the items should not have a high value as they will not be donated / auctioned for
But in case you have already experienced something similar, please let me know what you think...
Many thanks in advance!
Jackie Bojor
Raluca Simion Jackie Bojor
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Jackie Bojor
The second edition of our event was again very successful and attracted both funding and VISIBILITY for GIA. It is very important that even if people were not able to donate objects or participate in the auction, wanted to help with money donations, their time etc. and assist GIA in its activity.
Please let us know what activities do you carry out and manage to raise funds for animal welfare organisations.
Many thanks for your postings!
Jackie Bojor
Jackie Bojor Bicycle race / marathon
Hi Everybody,
I was thinking that since stray dogs are a big problem for the bykers, it would be a good idea to organise a bicycle marathon with the message - SUPPORT THE STERILISATION OF STRAY DOGS.
What do you think?
Have you tried something like this in your country?
Do you have any other ideas for fund-raising activities?
Jackie Bojor
Jackie Bojor Children's Crafts & Play Summer Classes
Hi Guys,
I was also thinking of a type of activity that would involve a group of children - 9-12 years old - that would go to a nice location where also animals are kept, or could be "brought to", and have a day of crafts training (i.e. pottery)combined with a lecture about nature and animals protection that would result in making some nice objects representing animals.
This would happen like a day every week for the summer vacation... In a nice place like a tea-shop patio or a garden / small park... Every week, another animal and another craft...
When they resume school, they could organise like an exhibition and trade fair with the object they created... and the money could be donated to a charity...
Look forward to receiving your feedback on this idea.
Jackie Bojor


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