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Suzanne Burns Lubricating Oil Additive | Global Market Trends 2019
Global Lubricating Oil Additive Market 2019 by Research Beam analyzes the Size, Trends, Growth & Forecasts in 70 Countries [Report Price $2111].
Sumit Dutta Revealed: The Top 20 Richest People In Oil & Gas 2014
There are over 1,600 billionaires on Planet Earth but how many of them made their fortune in the oil and gas industry?
In this new eBook from the author of our Biggest Companies In Oil & Gas Companies eBook we profile the twenty richest people in the industry and find out how they built their empires.
As we exit the economic downturn it is apparent some players in oil and gas have benefited more than most. The combined wealth of the top 20 individuals in this study is an astonishing $289.7 bn. For those keeping score, that is enough to buy you Chevron outright and still have a healthy $60 bn left over for fun.
So what makes a savvy professional into a tycoon? As we are about to reveal, two key factors in the rise from business man to baron are a diversified portfolio and killer timing. It seems that it also helps if you are Russian....
And if you are feeling disheartened, remember over half of the entrants on the list are self-made.
Who knows what future tycoons will be on future iterations of this list?

>>Find out who made the list:
Sumit Dutta Industry Survey: The Key IT Challenges in Oil & Gas in 2013
Here are the stats:
+ Enterprise data is doubling every 18 months
+ By 2014, the cyber security/anti-malware market will surpass the $16 billion mark
+ By 2015, $168 billion will be spent on enterprise mobility applications
+ By 2015, $8 billion will be spent on oil and gas mobile apps alone
From Cloud Computing and Virtualization to Cyber Security and the rise of Social Media, digital technology continues to play a more important role in the oil and gas industry and means an effective digital strategy is essential.
In this Oil & Gas IQ survey we want to hear your views on the challenges of IT in oil and gas specifically your thoughts on Mobility, Cyber Security, Digital Oilfields and Big Data.

>>Take this quick survey now:
Sumit Dutta [Report] ExxonMobil Predict Natural Gas Demand to Double by 2040
The world’s largest company, ExxonMobil, recently released its 51 page energy outlook up to 2040. Amongst the highlights:
- Global energy demand will be about 30% higher in 2040
- Worldwide demand for natural gas will rise by 60% over the next 28 years
- By 2040, we will have used half of the proven oil reserves in the world

>>Download The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 here:
Sumit Dutta Survey: Identifying The Major Challenges in HPHT
This short survey aims to assess the major challenges in HPHT activities today.
As a thank you for your time, we will send you a complimentary copy of the survey report. Plus, if you respond by 29th June 2012, you will also be entered into a prize draw to win a guest pass to attend HPHT Wells Summit 2012.

>>Take the survey:


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