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Sumit Dutta The Santos Basin - An Offshore Klondike?
"More than actually putting a man on the moon"
According to Pedro Cordeiro,a partner at strategic consultancy Bain & Company's São Paulo office: “This could be the largest private sector investment programme in the history of mankind - more than actually putting a man on the moon."
He added that: " Not counting new concessions, you will have $1,000bn of investment over the next 10 years. It’s huge.”
That investment will catapult Brazil past the likes of China and the United Arab Emirates, cementing the country as the world's fifth largest oil producing nation, only behind Russia, Saudi Arabia, the USA and Iran.
The role of local content in staving off the "Dutch Disease"
In 1977, The Economist coined the phrase the "Dutch Disease"to define the relationship between the increase in exploitation of natural resources and a decline in the manufacturing sector, as experienced by the Netherlands after the discovery of the Groningen natural gas field in 1959.
Many believe that Brazil's pre-salt reserves will catapult the country from an agriculturally-based emerging third world economy to a first world economy in a matter of years. It is precisely that kind of sudden and prodigious growth that finds disturbing parallels in Holland's eponymous syndrome.
To stave off the disease, there are those that think an antidote can be found in the imposition of strict local content policies - that is to say, binding rules that maximise national participation in oil and gas projects through building a skilled native workforce and a competitive supplier base.
The rigs, platforms and tankers that will service and harvest Brazil's reserves in the coming years will be constructed using local suppliers, manpower and facilities instead of outsourcing to third party companies that do not feed directly into the local/national economy.
With theoil industry projected to grow from one tenth of Brazil's GDP to one quarter in the coming decades, this could mean a Klondike Gold Rush effect for Brazilian industry, entraining an internal stampede of labour and commerce, with the door firmly closed on extraneous parties.
Local content: modern day protectionism vs. competitive capitalism...
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Simon Harding Sustainability Construction - International Business Development
Ref USSL31082
Company Description Chronos Consulting ( is part of the Coberon Chronos Group, an award winning global leader in permanent and temporary staffing, RPO and business process automation solutions ( for global multinationals. Our client is a global service provider in the field of quality control, quality improvements and quality prediction of products and processes in the building and construction industry. Know for their expertise of material behavior and managing building waste stream. Based: home based role - Europe ( flexible for extensive travel)
Job Description The Role: Reporting to the Director of Global Business Development, based in The Netherlands, you will be responsible for selling Sustainability services to European and Global customers in accordance with the strategy, developing, implement and coordinate sales plans and actions to meet revenue targets. Global Sustainability accounts: Manage Global Sustainability account sales activities, including sales planning, visits, reports and results and coordination of direct sales, customer relations and vendor relations Be abreast of new trends and consolidate market intelligence to adjust strategy. Support team members for negotiations with key prospects/accounts Coach fellow executives on Sustainability services and coordinate with Business Development Managers to maximize sales efforts. Start-up project execution, create database of leads and oversee execution teams and coordinate to fulfill clients requirements Home country accounts: In conjunction with overall strategy, create plans to grow Sustainability Services revenue for home country. Identify, research, plan and contact potential clients to establish new business to achieve targeted revenue growth General Network with key players and maintain an understanding of external market developments to ensure growth of market share. React upon business opportunities forwarded by Operations and inform them on progress and forward potential opportunities to other Business Lines as appropriate Prepare quotations, service agreements and tenders within set deadlines and prepare and submit timely and accurate reports of activities. Resolve customer complaints by addressing problems, facilitating the development of solutions, preparing reports and making recommendations and monitor customer satisfaction. chr2011
Skill Required The Requirements: Academic education in either an Engineering or an Environmental background with at least 5 + years experience in the building / construction industry Successful track record in collaborative, technical business development of services and managing/coordinating/project execution in an international organization structure with state of the art selling techniques and an ability to translate these skills into tangible results in the construction industry Extensive knowledge of the construction & building industry (trends/shifts, competitors, processes, regulatory frameworks and how legislation is effecting change in the industry) Interact with all levels of management, consultants and clients on an international basis. Entrepreneurship attitude with an ambition to visit and explore the world and become the world leader Ability to lead and motivate a team towards shared objectives and to plan, organize and implement a range of sales promotion programs and events. Coach team members and foster enthusiasm, perseverance and encourage service oriented mind set. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to write, appraise and negotiate detailed contracts and commercial agreements. Strong negotiation and persuasion skills coupled with strong organizational skills, flexibility and result driven Open to extensive international travel and possess a valid drivers license. Computer and Technology literate and fluent in English, plus any additional European language is an advantage.
Benefits competitive
Country United Kingdom
Sumit Dutta Avoiding Unplanned Shutdowns - What you need to consider
Shutdowns and turnarounds are a massive undertaking for companies within the oil and gas industry, requiring large amounts of planning at a very high cost.
Irving recently undertook a turnaround for scheduled maintenance at its Saint John Refinery, the largest facility of its type in Canada, which produces over 300,000 barrels of finished energy product each day.
The $72 million (£45 million) project involved builders and engineers working 24 hours a day for six weeks on several of the major pocessing facilities at the refinery including the #3 Crude Unit, #2 Rheniformer, the Fluid Catalytic Cracker and the Sulphur Plant. The project focused on cleaning, inspection, repairs and upgrades to piping.
Yet, while these scheduled turnarounds disrupt production and represent a huge expense, the benefits far outweigh the possibility of an unplanned shutdown.
These can be bothcostly and dangerous, which is why avoiding such incidences is a key concern for the oil and gas industry.
Climate Change to Increase Unplanned Shutdowns?...


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