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Burak Cetin Project Manager - Petrochemical and Oil&Gas Industry
Dear all
I am searching for project managers that are going to be working on vendor projects for pumps and compressors at the petrochemical and oil&gas industry.
The location is Basel, and the company language is English and German.
For those who are interested can contact with me directly.
Warm Regards
Burak Cetin
Michael Page Zurich
Sumit Dutta Women In Oil & Gas – A World Of Opportunity
In this exclusive interview, Saba Al Tukmachy, Career Development Manager at the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) speaks with Oil & Gas iQ’s Editor In Chief, Tim Haïdar, about the opportunities for and misconceptions about a woman wanting to embark on a career in the Middle Eastern oil and gas sector.
Beginning her working life as a dental surgeon, Saba made a successful career change into upstream oil and gas with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Dubai, before transitioning to work in a mainly downstream environment at ENOC in 2009.
In the course of her interview, Saba touches on:
* The best strategies for addressing the issue of career vs. life-style for females in oil and gas sector
* Best practices for ensuring personal satisfaction, professional growth and promotion of women within the oil and gas sector
* The importance of implementing incentives to attract females into technical/engineering jobs in oil and gas sector
* Saba’s own personal journey in the oil and gas sector and dispelling the misconceptions of prejudice in the MENA oil sector

>>Listen now:
Sumit Dutta Accessing Extractive Industry Opportunities in Western and Central Africa: Attitudes and Alliances
In this presentation from the Oil and Gas Talent Summit, Derek Campbell, MD of Accession, discusses extractive industry opportunities in Western and Central Africa....
Sumit Dutta Schlumberger: Strengthen The Partnership Between Oil, Gas & Service Companies and Universities To Ensure Specialized Skills
In this presentation from the Oil and Gas Talent Summit, Dr Stefan Luthi of Schlumberger presents best practice on how to strengthen the partnership between Oil, Gas & Service Companies and Universities...
Sumit Dutta Free Event - Avoiding the 5 Most Common Significant Mistakes in Capability Development
This FREE webinar will be on:
Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT
Presenter: Martin Ashdown
For better or for worse, the oil and gas business is characterized by cycles of both boom and bust. This places large demands on organizations to both (a) keep pace with the demand for skilled staff during times of expansion and (b) to manage the potential loss of knowledge and experience during times of contraction.
Mistakes made in managing organizational capability during both boom and bust can have serious implications on your company’s ability to achieve its objectives.
This free webinar will help you develop a roadmap to success by pointing out some of the potential hazards which can derail even the most apparently well thought out capability development plan.
Drawing on his experience with the development/ deployment of capability strategies in dozens of countries over the course of more than 20 years, Martin Ashdown will share with you steps you can take to identify and avoid or overcome the most common and serious mistakes in capability development, including:
* Failure to truly understand Capability
* Capability system complexity and its impact on outcomes
* Capability plans that look good but not are aligned with the “real world”
* Reliance on others to solve your problems
* Lack of capability process integration with the other HR processes
Learn more about Capability Development at :
The Capability Summit 2011
March 14 - April 6
Accelerate the delivery of skilled people to meet increasing business demands -
18 world class capability experts with experience in more than 100 countries LIVE at your desktop!


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