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Arno Scharl New Media Watch Release to Track Copenhagen Coverage
Dear Colleagues,
The upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen has sparked the interest of blog authors, news media, environmental organizations and the corporate sector alike. Given the resulting flood of comments, position statements and articles, it is becoming increasingly difficult for observers to obtain an unbiased and transparent overview of the perceptions and opinions of the various stakeholder groups.
Released just-in-time for Copenhagen, the latest edition of our "Media Watch on Climate Change" addresses this problem. To track and visualize the main topics of the upcoming climate summit in Copenhagen, the portal processes and filters hundred thousands of Web documents. The visual information exploration and retrieval interface includes geographic displays, domain ontologies, tag clouds, maps of document clusters (see attached screenshot), and information retrieval agents suggesting documents about similar topics and nearby locations.
The new release of the Web portal features an increased update frequency (four times a day), a higher precision in identifying relevant material, improved performance of the underlying semantic search algorithms, the real-time visualization of semantic associations between popular terms as well as automated summaries of all documents contained in the knowledge base.
A user manual is available in PDF format and contains a detailed description of the portal's search functionality, trend charts and visual exploration features.
I look forward to your feedback and hope that the new Web portal will serve as a valuable resource for tracking COP15 coverage over the next two weeks.
Best regards, Arno
Prof. DDr. Arno Scharl
Vice President
MODUL University Vienna
Department of New Media Technology
Am Kahlenberg 1, 1190 Vienna, Austria


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