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Sayali Mane Environmental Consulting Services Market - Current Trends, New Development and Future Opportunities
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Environmental consulting services offers various services such as investment assessment and auditing, permitting & compliance, project & information management, monitoring & testing, and others such as design, pollution prevention, and others. There are several media types on which these services are used such as water management, waste management, and others such as air quality, soil, natural resources and renewable energy.
Key players influencing environmental consulting services market include AECOM., CH2M HILL, Arcadis N.V., Bechtel Corporation., John wood group PLC, Golder Associates Ltd., ERM Group, Inc., Tetra Tech, Inc., ANTEA GROUP, Santec, Inc., Ramboll Group, and SLR International among others. Global Environmental consulting services market is expected to grow from US$ 29.7 billion in 2016 to US$ 43.8 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 4.4% between 2018 and 2025.
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Wilhelm Ripl
Thank you for your interest.
In our department of Limnology institute of Ecology at the TU-Berlin we were doing research on sustainable development in Europe. The starting point was the identification of water as the primary energy dissipative medium and in interaction with the living landcover as the various plants the basis of subsistency (This is the daily needed requirements of all kind of organisms and societies). The irreversible bottleneck for all societies is th losses of matter needed by the plants like nutrients and minerals from the topsoils from the landscape to the seas.
This losses have increased in most parts of Europe by improving "agriculture" from initially 15-25 kg of bases such as Ca, Mg, K, and nutrients such as P, and N,/ha and year up to roughly 1000 to 1500 kg /ha and year within the period where landuse spread almost everywhere. The highest increase in losses happened in the last three centuries.
We found that subsistency was mostly attaced by amelioration, and other interference with vegetation and watercycle.
The loss of all needed material leads to the breakdown of the plant cover together with the local loss of the watercycles.
We think that these basic processes are the needed hardware for societies and for this reason the restoration measures have to be taken at the physical level of the environment. Water in intraction with the vegetation are therefore the most important components of the environment, as are the atmosphere, the climate, soil fertility, water and food production. Since all other social factors are of software character we think that ICT-sustain should be in the first hand used to control the water and vegetation cycles everywhere to improve the carrying capacity for societies. This could be a first point to be considered in the present work. With best regards Willy Ripl


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