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RWTH International Academy (Weiterbildungszentrum der RWTH Aachen)

Die RWTH International Academy ist die offizielle Weiterbildungsakademie der Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen

Only visible to XING members Neue RWTH International Academy Alumni Seite online
Only visible to XING members RWTH European Studies | Master of Public Administration in European Studies
Energy, Climate and Digital Transformation – Global Topics and Smart Technologies shaping Europe
Understanding European policy and its economical and societal impact on global topics
European Union policy strongly influences a wide range of topics. This interdisciplinary Master’s programme focuses on energy, transport, climate and digitisation from a political as well as technological point of view. It combines the excellence of RWTH Aachen University in engineering and technology with the current political and economic agenda of the EU to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of new technologies on EU governance and vice versa. The result is a highly attractive programme: the Master of Public Administration in European Studies. Study it part-time and qualify for leadership positions in the private or public sector.
Learn about the EU, its policies and institutions and specialise in cutting-edge technologies in the fields of energy & climate or digital transformation.
If you interested in our Master of Public Administration in European Studies, just follow the link:
Only visible to XING members Administrators Talk! Introducing Dr. Leah Cheung and Alice-Cathérine Mackenstein
Everyone on the internet has advice, and most of it is simple assumptions or outright extrapolations. But listening to the administrators of the International Academy of the biggest university n Germany (RWTH Aachen) talk about their jobs, admission committees, statistics, the courses themselves, is very rare.
This is your chance to learn from the insights that they have to share, and plan your future accordingly!
Introducing to you: Dr. Leah Cheung (Study Course Coordinator) and Alice-Cathérine Mackenstein (Team Leader) from RWTH International Academy IntAc!
Only visible to XING members Frohe Weihnachten wünscht die RWTH International Academy
Wir blicken zurück und bedanken uns bei Ihnen für ein erfolgreiches Jahr geprägt von guter Zusammenarbeit, interessanten Projekten und anregenden Gesprächen.
Die RWTH International Academy wünscht Ihnen ein feierliches Weihnachtsfest
und ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2019.
Only visible to XING members RWTH International Academy | Excursion Week May 2018 | Roche & Porsche | Mannheim & Stuttgart
The last of our excursions led us to Roche and the Porsche Museum on May 23 and 24. On the first day, we headed to Mannheim early in the morning to be on time for our visit to Roche, a multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide. After an introduction, we enjoyed two tours, a logistics and a research and development one.
Afterwards, we went on to Stuttgart where we met with four alumni who shared their stories with us. The next day, we did a guided tour in the famous Porsche Museum before heading back home.


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