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CallCenterProfi berichtet über organisatorische und technische Neuerungen aus den Bereichen Direktmarketing, Service und Vertrieb.

Kai Nörtemann Was sagt eigentlich Alexa zu Chatbots? Ein launiger, kurzweiliger Beitrag zum Wochenende...
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Top 4 Ways Salesforce Customers Use Social to Find Answers
Learn how to tap into the power of our Salesforce community to get your questions answered. Understand the different types of posts our command center team see as well as how we're using the Marketing Cloud to engage with customers to create a vibrant community.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Free Online Webinar : 30 August 6.00 pm - Maximizing Your Strategy for Social Customer Service
Customer expectations are changing more rapidly than at any prior time in recent history.
In this timely webinar, Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor at ICMI, will identify the steps you can and must take now to maximize your strategy for social service: Listening, building the right team, reshaping your customer access strategy, establishing the right measures, and others.
This webinar will also feature presentations from:
• Tony Kavanagh of will provide its definition of Social Customer Service, why it matters for your contact center and the value delivered.
• Rick Williams of Yamaha presents some of the company’s “past pains,” how it overcame these challenges and the impact on Yamaha’s business.
• Rob Rose of Deloitte discusses what Deloitte finds exciting about what was accomplished at Yamaha, including the important points on integrating social media into customer service.
Date: Thursday, August 30
Time: 18.00
Elizabeth Nwafor
Claudia Baier Vogas Is your sales training killing your sales?
How do you train your sales reps to create need for your solution? Could how you train your sales team cost you sales? I have seen that a lot of companies teach their employees theoretical product knowledge thinking it is practical...The problem: As long as the sales people cannot "translate" that knowledge into sales language and questions, the "theoretical" product knowledge is not only useless but dangerous to the sales and thus the growth of the company.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar "Follow Manning Global on Twitter! "
For all the latest job openings worldwide (both permanent and contracts), you can now follow us on Twitter @Manning Global so that all new opportunities come to you instead of your having to hunt them down.
At Manning Global, we want to give you the best possible opportunity to further your career prospects, so we offer you
-An international array of project and permanent job opportunities
-An established network of global relocation support and advice
-Multi-lingual consultants and translation services
-Worldwide corporate service agreements
-24hr in-country project support
-One-to-one advisory service
-Independent legal and tax specialist recommendations.
-Excellent new project possibilities


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