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Helpful Identity and Access Management Guide

For those beginning to research IAM of IdM solutions this free guide compiles the top providers in the space for you. Outlines feature, capabilities and contact information. There are industry overviews and best practices as well. Hope it can help anyone just getting started.
Bogdan Negru Bogdan Negru

IAM Solution Architect in Frankfurt/Berlin

We have an excellent job opening in Frankfurt or Berlin as an IAM Solution Architect, with an international company, the position will be part of a team dedicated to work with startups implementing IAM solutions.
Up to 75% travel, and excellent compensation.
If you are interested please contact me at for more details.
Christian Schmalisch Christian Schmalisch Premium

Making IRM Work for You.... 18 things to consider when choosing an IRM enabler...

Never before has enterprise IT enabled such extreme productivity. In the borderless, social enterprise, more data is shared between more people in more places, resulting in a radically more creative and collaborative work environment. This open world of sharing has facilitated a revolution both in business and society.
It has also created unprecedented dangers. Because the consumerization and externalization of IT have made traditional information security models obsolete. Perimeter defenses were relevant when IT environments could be segregated. Today, where information resides and from what device it is accessed is irrelevant. The only relevant question is: who can access it?
As the unique dangers of the borderless enterprise became apparent, forward-thinking CISOs have turned from perimeter-centric information security paradigms like Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) to data-centric security paradigms like Information Rights Management (IRM). IRM relates to the security of data as data, wherever it is – in motion, at rest, or in use.
If you’re reading this, you’re probably either considering or already implementing an IRM system. And you’re probably also aware that existing IRM platforms lack many key attributes that you’d expect to see in an enterprise-level tool that provides security without impeding productivity.
The good news is that there’s a reason for this. Existing IRM platforms like Microsoft RMS are just that: platforms. We call them IRM Engines, because they are the engine of the car, not the amenities. To complete the vehicle, you need to add the seats, steering wheel, air conditioning, and the thousand other bells and whistles that turn the IRM vehicle from a locomotive that is captive on pre-defined tracks, into a Cadillac that can convey you over any road in safety and comfort. We call this package of amenities – many of them truly mission critical amenities - the IRM Enabler Solution.
There are numerous IRM Enabler Solutions on the market. The challenge is to choose the solution that can be most effectively integrated into your existing business processes and IT environment, without hindering workflow or productivity. To help you choose an IRM Enabler Solution that will work for you, and not the other way around, we’ve put together the following list of tips...
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IT-Gipfelblog: Interview zum eIDEE-Wettbewerb

- Mitmachen und Preise im Wert von 17.500 € gewinnen -
Sichere Identitäten sorgen dafür, dass User die zahlreichen Anwendungen der Online-Welt vertrauensvoll nutzen und digitale Geschäftsprozesse sicher über das Internet erfolgen können. Doch wie kann man sichere Identitätsbestätigungen in der Online-Welt abbilden? Genau diese Frage greift der eIDEE-Wettbewerb auf und sucht nach Ideen zum Identitätsmanagement der Zukunft.
Machen Sie mit, Ihre eIDEE können Sie hier einreichen!