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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Why do we have still audio-only-books?
After working about 8 years as a converter for tape-based audio-books into strukturized digital productions for blind and disabled people, I think, our work should reach more than this limited group of the mankind.
There is worldwide a fund of millions of audiobooks whitch are available only for the blind. These books are now digital and have exactly the same content as the printed ones, of witch most are digital too in the meantime.
Why not bring them together in one medium? One possible technique is available and is called DAISY. This is the development of a worldwide consortium that was founded 10 years ago.
My vison is, that every existing book should be available in one medium, that consists of different versions, e. g.
text, fully synchronized with
complete audio,
a dramatic audio-version, chapterwise synchronized with the text
and, if existing, a film-version.
Aditionally, all these versions could be included in different languages.
The only handicap, to do this, are the existing licence-conditions.
But one needs not to change the laws in every country. There must be only a publisher who divides his cash receipts in a fair manner to the autor, the narrator(s), the translator(s) and the film-creator(s). The film could be added later, after the cinema-presentations have run out.
Are there any critical or continuative statements?
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Any questions you have - any statements you want to make?
Hi All.
Just a few days ago we started this audiobook forum.
This is a chance to discuss all topics concerning audiobooks, technical issues around formats or other topics.
If you have any suggestions for extraordinary audiobooks or audiobooks you specifically like to inform other openbc users about.
This is were to do it...
Have fun and good discussions.
Jutta Koulen
Ingeburg (Inga) von Boehm-Bezing
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Jon Halperin
In addition to a parallel career in IT Sales and Marketing, my "Badly paid hobby" is as a tour driver/guide in London/UK/Europe.
I am developing a series of guidebooks as a general introduction to specialist subjects (First World war etc.) and am toying with the idea of supplementing these with additional downloadable content.
There is nothing stunningly new in all this, but I can't find anyone else doing it as I envisage.
Products could include digital maps, probably of most use, "Point of interest" files for GPS and of course audio tours.
Does anyone have any comments or find the concept of interest enough to discuss developing further?
As an audiobook virgin, I have no idea re copy protection etc.
Jon Halperin
Peter O'Connell Voice for audiobooks
I'm new to the forum but I am pleased to introduce myself as a proponent of audiobooks (one reason being that I own a voiceover company that records the voices for audiobooks).
But audiobooks serve a greater purpose...more so than simply books in the car or for those who are unfortuately sight impaired. With the advent for personal digital media players (devices like ipods) people can listen to audiobooks at any time, anywhere.
And anything that allows the written word to be shared on a larger scale should be embraced as media channels fight for consumer attention in a very cluttered market.
Thanks again.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
I highly appreciate this first posting to this forum in this panel.
Absolutely agreed. Audiobooks are much more than something that people you are unable to read - for whatever reason.
Audiobooks serve as you said a much greater purpose and also can enrich reader's lives as well.
Audiobooks in the US do have a far longer historical record than audiobooks do have in Europe, or namely Germany.
Do you think they already reached the peak of popularity in the US or do you feel that there is a lot more potential for this medium in the market?
Just curios as you can imagine....
Thanks and bibifn
Jutta Koulen


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