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Kulturmanagement / Artsmanagement

In dieser Gruppe tauschen sich Menschen aus den Bereichen Kultur- und Arts-Management aus.

Only visible to XING members Anti Seizure and Legal Immunity - Budapest 4th-6th October 2006
The Safeguarding of Works of Art on Loan within the European Union and Beyond
in association with the Art Law Centre Geneva and the Museum of Fine Arts at Budapest
This seminar will look at what is perhaps the most important aspect of the crucial modern issue of art mobility within Europe and the wider museum community - the growth of national statutes that guarantee immunity from legal action to works of art on loan. In particular it will look in depth at the countries that already have anti-seizure laws and the standards that new anti-seizure laws must satisfy to be effective and ethically acceptable. Representatives from over ten individual countries, including the US, Italy, Poland, Australia, France, Germany and Hungary will speak on the first day, and the second day will be given over to workshops covering such central issues as anti-seizure and human rights, anti-seizure and state immunity and the range of liabilities covered by anti-seizure legislation. Keynote speakers include Professor Norman Palmer and Professor Pierre Lalive; national contributors include:
a) Poland: Professor Wojciech Kowalski, University of Silesia
b) Hungary: Eva Bankutu-Hajdu, Ministry of Culture, Hungary
c) Romania: Dr Doina Punga, National Museum Service
d) Germany: Matthias Weller, Professor of Law, University of Heidelburg
e) Austria: Robert Holzbauer, Director, the Leopold Centre
f) France: Marie Cornu, CNRS, Paris
g) Spain: Jose Maria Beneyton, Jean Monnet Centre, Madrid
h) Netherlands: Sabine Gimbrere, Ministry of Culture
i) Italy: Mario Bondioli-Osio, Ministry of Culture
j) USA: Charles Goldstein, Attorney, Herrick Feinstein, New York
k) Russia: Olga Yudina, lawyer; former legal adviser, Hermitage Museum
l) Switzerland: Marc-Andre Renold, Avocat, Geneva
m) Israel: Shoshana Berman, former judge
n) Australia: Ian Upjohn, Barrister, Owen Dixon Chambers, Melbourne
o) Ireland: Anna O’Connell, barrister
p) United Kingdom: Hillary Bauer, Department for Culture, Media and Sport
The subject matter of this seminar is vital to everyone involved in art loans, the promotion of cultural exchange and the legal security of museum collections, including museum officials, insurers, government authorities and lawyers.
Only visible to XING members Symposium "Loi fédérale sur le transfert des biens culturels - Premières expériences"
Am 13. Septembre findet in Genf (in Société de lecture, 11 Grand Rue) ein Symposium über der KGTG statt.
17h15 Introduction, Olivier Vodoz
17h20 La LTBC dans le contexte international, Marc André Renold, Professeur associé, Avocat, Co-directeur Centre du droit de l'art
17h35 L'application de la LTBC - Questions choisies, Pierre Gabus, Avocat, Co-directeur Centre du droit de l'art
17h50 L'application de la LTBC par les autorités fédérales, Yves Fischer, Chef du Service Transfert international des biens culturels, Office fédéral de la culture, Berne
18h05 La mise en oeuvre de la LTBC - Le point de vue des collectionneurs, Alexandre Jolles, Avocat, Secrétaire de l'Association suisse des collectionneurs
18h20 Discussion
Einschreibung bis zum 7. September per mail oder Fax + 41 22 379 80 79
Kosten CHF 25.-


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