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Emma Cox Business Models: Building a competitive business strategy (free webinar)
During this webinar entrepreneurs and business strategy
professionals will be introduced to the Business Model
concept and the key ingredients needed to make the
Business Model work in their favour. Attendees will be
introduced to tools designed to enable them to create a
winning new business model or redesign an existing
For more information on the content and learning objectives simply click on the link below or email me at for more information!
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公JingNing 益Zhang Characteristics and taxation services
I. Tax Counsel Services
1, the latest financial and taxation and the related laws and regulations and regulatory documents;
2, a customer of the relevant legal issues in tax matters to provide advice;
3 to help customers communicate with the tax authorities;
4, guiding the drafting of tax-related legal instruments, modified and perfected;
5, other tax-related matters.
Second, corporate tax planning legal services
1, the overall corporate tax planning;
2, merging, restructuring tax planning;
3, bankruptcy liquidation tax planning;
4, foreign investment tax planning;
5, and real estate companies tax planning;
6, other tax planning.
3, hearings, administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation legal services
1, the drafting of hearing the application, review the application (or complaint), and other hearings, review or litigation related legal documents;
2, request a hearing or administrative reconsideration or file lawsuits;
3, investigation and evidence collection, to be submitted to the relevant evidence;
4, and hearing organs, administrative organs, or judicial review communication, a professional advice;
5, attended the hearing on behalf of the applicant and reasons for the request;
6, in the stage of the proceedings took the court, took the recognition, renunciation, change requests litigation;
7, receiving, collecting relevant legal instruments
Fourth, criminal defence, taxation criminal legal services
1, met with the suspect for criminal suspects provide legal advice;
2, took the complaints, complaints, and apply for release on bail;
3, coercive measures more than the statutory period of the absence of compulsory measures for disarmament;
4, inspection, copying, extracts information on the case;
5, investigation and evidence collection;
7, participate in the court, to appear defence;
8, receive, collect relevant legal instruments.
Linchang Shen Provide one-stop consulting service for you to invest in China
Shencheng Investment Consultancy serves as a bridge and portal for foreign investors to locate their investment projects in China. We help investment projects in China to find potential investors on one hand, and help foreign investors to find investment opportunities in China on the other hand. In particular, we tailor quality services to overseas clients investing in China, including assessment of investment environments on the national level and in China’s localities, feasibility study of investment projects, due diligence investigations, business incorporation, legal service for merger and acquisition of Chinese businesses, and follow-up services to project companies.
Shencheng Investment Consultancy has a team of highly profiled professionals. Most of them grew up in China and were educated in Western countries. They have extensive domestic and international networking resources. They are diligent and conscientious. Their services are rendered to the best value of our clients.
The primary goal of our company is to establish long-term cooperative relationships with our clients. It is the tenet of our company that our success is tied to the success of our clients.
Shen, Linchang
Tel:: 0086-21-68879992
Fax: 0086-21-68879993
Mobilephone: 0086- 13665230918
Skype: charlie_soas
Add: Building B, Pudong Broad Way 844, Shanghai, China


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