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公JingNing 益Zhang Legal services to private lawyers the content and scope of
Private legal adviser, commonly known as "private lawyers" refers to accept the natural law firms (including individual businesses were) engaged assigned counsel for himself or herself or at the request of their close relatives to provide legal counsel.
In daily life, people do not understand because of the provisions of relevant laws and created a lot of trouble could have been avoided, the people in the business today, the road is full of difficult business and risks, and how to take the initiative to reduce the use of legal risks, we should consider is the most important issue . China Lawyers After 20 years of development, and expanding its scope of business, from a single legal representation to the prevention, and non-v. operations, intervene ahead of schedule changes, as far as possible, to resolve disputes in the bud. Legal Adviser to private business, is a lawyer for the natural community to provide the best legal service.
A service mode
1, on-line consultation
2, telephone counseling
3, a meeting with the Advisory
4, free for contractual non-litigation services
5, entrusted to handle litigation and other non-operational v.
Second, the scope of services
1, the sale of free housing, marriage and family, honorary tort, property, inheritance, and labor-related injuries, such as legal advice;
2, scrutiny of contracts and other legal documents
3, Trade and Industry survey information and other legal materials
4, write and revise wills
5, on the sale of real estate and leasing services to provide legal advice and review contracts
6, with contracts, wills and other lawyers claim several witness services
7, participated in the negotiations
8, provide the latest legal information: regular will be agreed by all relevant laws and regulations information by e-mail sent to the private client
9, priority services: priority to be commissioned for the admissibility of the other legal matters.
Third, service charges
1, by mutual consultation, the development of private lawyers consultancy fees annually for 1000-10000 yuan RMB,
2, private client agents other non-litigation legal services fees from the two sides further consultations;
3, private client of Legal Affairs Deputy litigation fees charged by lawyers for 30% discount
As long as you and we signed a contract personal legal adviser, you may encounter legal trouble, your lawyers will be pros and cons of proof from a legal point of view, and the hidden dangers on the future make some appropriate preventive measures, your question also will be solved immediately. When you encounter legal disputes, the lawyers will use your rich experience in the practice, the practice of the spirit of diligence, handling your dispute, you maximize the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests.
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我以前是做外贸的是市场技术支持,是医药化工类的。我是执业药师(Liensed Pharmacist),现在内贸的医药公司工作,若有医药、保健品从代办申报到进出口贸易,都可为你服务。
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Michael W. Mandarino
An American Ex-Pat living in Germany
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar
我以前是做外贸的是市场技术支持,是医药化工类的。我是执业药师(Liensed Pharmacist),现在内贸的医药公司工作,若有医药、保健品从代办申报到进出口贸易,都可为你服务。


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