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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Nanjing: EIPM欧洲采购商学院 EMBA Shanghai master class on September 14th (Wednesday), 18:00-21:00
EIPM欧洲采购商学院 EMBA Shanghai master class on September 14th (Wednesday), 18:00-21:00
To share with Purchasing & Supply Management Professionals:
Kind reminder – the upcoming EIPM master class in shanghai, September 14th, the best opportunity to know our team and the program.
You are welcome to share this with your friends, colleagues, staff and line managers.
European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM欧洲采购商学院), invites you and/or your staff to join us at EIPM EMBA Master Class, on September 14th, in Shanghai.
This session would be free of charge with pre-registration.
At this session,
Mr. Bernard Gracia will share his view on “The Future of Purchasing, major threats and opportunities”, its implications for purchasing and supply managers, and on cultivating top talent in a challenging China market.
Event Details:
Date: September 14th, Wednesday
Time: 18:00 –21:00
Venue: Sofitel Shanghai Hyland, 505 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai (Line 2, Nanjing Road East station)
About the Speaker:
Mr. Bernard GRACIA
MBA, University of Austin, Texas
Graduated from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Bordeaux, France
Director and Dean, EIPM
For inquiry and delegate reservation, please send email to
I am looking for a craftsman/artisan in orthopaedic footwear – for a great Australian lifestyle opportunity.
This is not a regular investment deal
I am representing a very specialised small business for sale – it has been in the same family for nearly 90 years, and the present owner wishes to retire. It is based in Sydney, Australia
The business manufactures custom-made surgical footwear to suit individual foot problems, deformities etc.
It also has valuable agencies for distribution of artificial limbs, surgical corsets etc. There are opportunities to expand this range.
The special personal nature of the business brings with it a loyal client base for repeat business, and long term contracts with hospitals and government departments.
This is NOT a mass-market, high-volume production, business.
The asking price is less than $US750,000, and brings with it the opportunity to migrate to Australian under the Australian Government’s Business Migration program (subject to approval).
Somewhere out there will be a Chinese craftsman who would welcome this business and lifestyle opportunity !
Maybe one of your friends or extended family?
A modest “finder’s fee” will be paid to the introducer of the successful purchaser.
For further details please email privately to
Colin Friedman Do you live in Nanjing and fancy a few hours paid work that is flexible?
Do you live in Nanjing and fancy a few hours paid work that is flexible?
Going-There, a relocation company based in London with a fast growing network of operations in 70 cities around the world, is looking for a staff member for its Nanjing operation.
We need to recruit a consultant who is personable, savvy, with good people and communication skills. The person must have excellent English, both written and oral, and have home Internet access for the following post:
Destination Consultant:
You will help newly arriving expats settle in to their new lives in Nanjing. You will assist with topics such as pre-arrival assistance, home-finding, school searches, helping them get wired in to the city with the least possible disruption. Making an often anxious assignee and their family feel at home. Putting a friendly face on a foreign place.
You will need a very good knowledge of the city and some knowledge of the local rental market. International experience would be helpful. This is a part-time post, project based on an assignee package lasting 1-5 days, not always consecutively.
Please see this page to learn more about our company and email for further information about the post.
Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone who might be interested.
Ge Huang
do you need somebody doing the same staff in Changsha
Manfred Muench How to find employees in Nanjing?
Dear all,
we are a small foreign-managed IT company in Nanjing and we are looking for qualified employees for our Software Development Department. I believe that it does not make much sense to post the job ad in this forum, what I rather want to know is how to actually find those people in Nanjing?
We have tried advertising on a couple of times, but the result is very bad, I have to say. Many people obviously do not even bother to read the headline of the job ad before they click on "Apply". This 1-click-application system of delivers a lot of (read: "only") useless leads. Therefore, we want to go another way. However, we wouldn't know which one...
Can you give me some ideas what we can do and how to get information on this topic in Nanjing? Having lived and worked in this city for many years already, I actually never found it as difficult to get qualified and not-so-lazy staff as it is now...
Thanks a lot for your ideas and input!
Manfred Muench
佩珊 peggy 吴
Hi, Manfred,
Actually is usually used to recruit the tyros. If you want to find the ones who have much experience, Maybe you can try :
1. Contact with Headhunters who has abundant IT candidate resources.
2. Use the tools like XING to search potential people .
3. Recruit employees from your rival.
Just for your reference. ^_^ Hope it could be a help.
公JingNing 益Zhang Corporate leadership of the letter
Respected business leaders: Hello!
We are Jiangsu days of the right of a law firm with expertise in legal team, according to the actual situation of the enterprises for the integration of fiscal and tax laws to provide comprehensive professional services to enable enterprises to adapt to the Government from the passive to the provisions of laws and regulations Active use of legal regulations, to become law enterprises avoid risks and increase its strength of the powerful weapon for escorting the development of enterprises, but also can make use of fiscal and tax laws and regulations to provide funds for the development of enterprises, summed up in 10 words: use legal, reduce risk, reasonable planning, benefit the most.
Service ideas:
In addition to talent, enterprise development needs of the two areas: information, resources
First, information is divided into:
1, market information, mainly by the enterprises themselves;
2, the laws and regulations and other policies the main information provided by us. Such information on the development of enterprises is very important but it is also the most easily overlooked, as enterprises must allow the law within the scope of operation and development, if the violation will pay a heavy price. Cases like.
Second, funds. Enterprise funds are in the blood, the development of each and every enterprise needs. SMEs in the demand for capital is particularly urgent because the financing is not easy. And the financing process, involving a lot of legal requirements. We can use their expertise in the financing of enterprises for the provision of legal protection, to avoid unnecessary legal risks at the same time we can also below in the financing channels to provide professional services to help businesses solve the funding problem.
New financing channels:
1, tax relief: use of the state's tax laws and other relevant tax policy planning, conservation tax expenditures, thereby increasing enterprise funds;
2, the Financial income subsidies: enterprises with the state as long as the conditions can also apply for financial assistance.
3, as well as other related tax-related matters dealt with.
We can offer you a complete perennial Legal Adviser services, taxation, including but not limited to: the establishment and operation of enterprises in the process of the legal issues, such as labour relations, the company the legal relationship between the shareholders, investors and the relationship between the companies, the company's organisation of the Company Law by the related problems; contract is signed before the preparatory work, the signing of the contract, the performance of the contract; financing and the use of such matters are bound by the relevant laws, and how to design the reasonable and legitimate science operating procedures ensure that the operation of the safety of enterprise assets, reduce business risk and corporate legal management of occupational risks? We will need to provide recommendations or directly involved in, for your company effectively solve related issues.
Extension services: business owners in the operation and management of enterprises in the course of their duties risk analysis, prevention and control.
We have a fiscal and tax lawyers Net: Above more information, taxation and corporate law cases, such as tax planning, attention please! Finally I wish to business leaders in the new year grand plans! Realize their ideals!


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