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Modern C++

JOBS IM MARKTPLATZ oder/und unter POSTEN! Hier geht es um C++, Modern C++ & die neuen Standards > C++11.

Jens Weller boost, TMP & Qt
Habe eine kleine Serie im Blog angefangen, wo es um die Kombination von boost fusion & TMP mit mp11 angewendet auf Qt geht:
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar GUI Test Automation and Coverage of Qt and QML Applications with Squish
In this joint webinar conducted by The Qt Company and froglogic, you will learn about different quality assurance aspects when developing Qt applications for embedded devices, mobile or desktop systems.
The presenters will specifically introduce different tools and methods to automate functional tests of Qt and QML GUI applications. This includes automated GUI tests, behavior driven testing, code coverage and GUI coverage analysis.
Josh Levi Learn to Write #C++ Programs on #Linux
To write C/C++ programs on UNIX/Linux machines, the GCC compiler is needed.
C++ programs are written and saved as .cc files.
The c++ and g++ commands compile and link C++ source files. If the compilation goes without errors, an executable file is created, with default name a.out.
The resulting executable can be executed the same way UNIX/Linux executables are executed.
The system() function is used to run system commands from C++ code.
The getpid() and getppid() functions return the process ID and the parent process ID of the program.
The fork() function provides a way for a process to run another program (process).
Joaquim Duran Comas Error notification in Qt.
Dear all,
I would kite to know know can I notify errors from objects of classes derived from QObjects. Searching in the net, many times I've seen that if is suggested to overload the QCoreApplication::notify() member function (, but I don't like it much, I would prefer to notify errors by emiting signals. For example:
class Foo : public QObject
void error(QString string);
void do_something()
a = ...;
<do some stuff>
catch (std::exception &e)
Q_EMIT error(QString::fromStdString(e.what()));
Does anyone uses this policy? How do you use it? One signal per exception type? How do you notify errors from Qt objects?
Thanks and Best Regards,
Joaquim Duran


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