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Vipin Mishra Dearth of Skilled Manpower to Inhibit Growth of Big Data in Healthcare
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Big data in healthcare market revenue is expected to grow at lucrative rate over the forecast period primarily due to increased digitalization in industrial process. Digitization is transforming industrial processes, functions, products, and services. Advent of e-commerce has resulted in a sudden spurt in data being generated by various companies. Also, with decades of research and development activities across the healthcare industry, there is a large amount of data, referred to as 'big data', piled up with host organizations. It is therefore essential to ensure optimum utilization of this data for reducing costs, providing targeted products and services, and avoiding duplication of work. Big data solution helps simplifying and analyze complex and diverse data, a task that cannot be achieved using conventional software and hardware.
Moreover, such kind of data cannot be managed with trivial data management tools and methods. Various tools such as Pentaho, Hadoop, Cloudera, and MongoDB are available in the market for the same. These tools help in data cleaning, mining, and analyzing of big data. There are also various data visualization tools such as Tableau, Silk, and Chartio that help in presenting the data in a more convenient and readable form. Big data helps healthcare companies to mitigate the risk of losing millions of dollars in revenue and profits through their conventional strategic decision making methods. Globally, big data in healthcare market scenario can be segmented on the basis of application, analytics type, delivery model, and end users.
Vipin Mishra Global Patient Registry Software Market Is expected to witness a CAGR of 12.7% over the forecast period 2018 – 2026
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Patient registry software provides a registration toolbox, which allows database creation for the user to create administrative and registries database without any intervention of database design expertise or any need of computer programming skills. These patient registry software are scalable, configurable, and offers unparalleled flexibility allowing the user to design databases according to data collection needs. Patient registry software have cloud based accessibility to the database, in addition to offline approach that allows the user to model an application based database that can be installed on various personalized computers for offline data entry, making it ideal for data gathering in regions with unreliable and poor internet connectivity.
Patient registry software is increasingly gaining traction in the healthcare sector. Registries of patient are used by physicians and hospitals to record clinical data of patients, which offers valuable insights of the patient’s disease. The objective of using this software is to provide a detailed medical characteristics of the diseases which in turn is beneficial for quality of the medical care required for the treatment.
Volkmar Wille Elektronische Gesundheitsakte: Start-up Vivy könnte Krankenkassen bei digitalen Patientenakten abhängen
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Rahul AGRAWAL Dental CAD-CAM Systeme: Was ist der Stand der Technik?
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Form in den letzten Jahren, Computer-Aided Design und Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) wurden von Zahnarztpraxen übernommen. Dies führte zu einer genaueren Restauration mit höherer Produktivität als bei Dentallabor-Restaurationen. Die Patientenzufriedenheit hat sich erhöht, weil der Zahn an einem einzigen Tag repariert wird und keine wiederholten Zahnarzttermine erforderlich sind. CAD / CAM-Zahntechnik hilft Patienten und Zahnärzten, da beide schneller produktive Ergebnisse erzielen. Weltweit wächst der CAD / CAM-Markt für Zahnmedizin schnell und wird von 2016 bis 2027 voraussichtlich um etwa 8,1% wachsen.


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