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Victor Vincent Slump in Global Stock Markets
The sharp downfall in the stock exchanges of US, Europe and Asia was apparently caused by the ongoing trade war, rising crude oil prices, depressing domestic economies and unstable political situation. Due to the iffy situation continuing for a long time, fear has gripped the investor community and as a result they have started withdrawing their money from the markets.
In the last couple of days, however, signs of recovery have been seen across the global stock exchanges. Notwithstanding this, ambiguity and fear continue to haunt the investors insofar as long-term investments are concerned. Hence, in this situation, short-term trading strategies are the best option.
Alexander Ivanov Water savings. The killer of traditional toilet bowls
Water is the most important resource for humanity. Drinking water is used for personal and industrial consumption.
The increase in the population of people predetermines the economical and rational use of scarce water resources.
In the structure of personal consumption, the greatest proportion of water consumption falls on the toilet (30-40%). Many states have legislative measures regarding mandatory economical water use. The most common legislative measure of economy is the limitation of the volume of the discharge tank (for example, in China and the USA - no more than 6 liters).
The revolutionary technology of the toilet was presented by the Russian inventor. As shown by recent tests, his toilet uses only 1.5 liters of water for superfine flushing. The inventor abandoned the traditional layout of the toilet, which has been used for two centuries without significant changes. The flushing is carried out by the water-air flow and uses the pressure in the water pipe itself. The new toilet has several advantages:
- low level of water consumption for flushing (now 1.5 liters, the inventor plans to reduce water costs to 1 liter)
- Improved flushing quality, there is no need for repeated flushing (familiar to everyone) and using a toilet brush
- there is no need for constant maintenance and replacement of fittings (it simply does not exist), there are no leaks (significant budget savings, plumber is needed for installing the toilet only)
- Vandalism resistance (the container storage is made of stainless steel)
- reduction in weight and dimensions of the device in comparison with traditional toilet (actual for the re-equipment of airplanes, trains, etc.)
- a wide color palette, the technology is universal and can be replicated from economy class models to luxury products.
The wide application of the new device will allow both personal consumer benefits (reduction of water costs, cervice and chemicals) and positive macroeconomic (reduction of energy costs and maintenance costs of water and sewerage systems) and ecology effects (huge savings in water resources, the possibility of partial failure from harmful desalination of sea water).
Interest in the device from a number of investors and potential producers allows us to hope that we will see mass production and use of innovative toilet in different countries of the world in the medium term.
Belinda Summers B2B Lead Generation Services - B2B Leads
Hi All,
I'm new to this community and I'd like to introduce our company, Callbox, sales lead generation company helping B2B businesses reach their growth and revenue goals. We do this by providing a full range of lead generation, appointment setting, and data-related solutions.
Callbox uses a multi-touch, multi-channel strategy when reaching out to your target customers. This means we connect with your decision makers through live, one-on-one conversations enhanced through email, social media, search, and direct marketing channels throughout different points in the conversion cycle.
With a team of over 700 marketing professionals spread across three offices in Encino, CA and in two locations in the Philippines, Callbox has already completed over 10,000 campaigns in various B2B verticals and geographical areas.
Callbox ensures the success of each campaign through a suite of proprietary tools, including a massive in-house B2B database, lead nurturing capabilities, and pipeline management features.
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