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Stephanie Mirzwa Recruiting in Echtzeit durch Facebook Live
Modernes Recruiting in Echtzeit, ohne starre Formalia? Das ist möglich durch Facebook Live. Das interaktive Live-Streaming ermöglicht völlig neue Bewerbungsformate. Jetzt mehr erfahren:
Wolfgang Brickwedde Recruiting with Facebook: How the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence hired 120 people in 4 weeks
The subscribers of the Recruitment Buzz ( new the case study already. But here it is (again) for the members of the Recruiter Community:
Earlier this year I was involved in supporting a recruiting project for the opening of the new Hard Rock Cafe in Florence. The brief was to hire 120 staff of all levels over a 4 week period.
We planned to do this entirely within Facebook. One of the beauties of Facebook is that you can target advertising to attract potential candidates and audience. For HardRock we targeted 1,900 profiles who met the following criteria:
1: Lived within 25km of Florence.
2: Listed an interest in Rock and Roll (or were fans of specific band fanpages.)
3: Had some bar work or hospitality background (or worked for a competitor.)
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Wolfgang Brickwedde LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter - who is the recruiters darling worldwide?
Recruiters are increasingly using social media to source and recruit candidates all over the world. A new study takes a look at the global recruitment activity among recruiters posting jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as an in-depth look at the social network usage among recruiters in four major English-speaking countries. Social media usage among recruiters is much higher in these countries than the rest of the world. This report shows that recruiters in the U.K. leverage LinkedIn and Twitter the most, while recruiters in the U.S. post the most jobs to Facebook. In addition, it confirms that social recruiting activity does align with company size, as recruiters at small companies tend to post more jobs to Twitter and
Facebook, while recruiters at large companies leverage LinkedIn the
most. Finally, this report reveals that there is a wide variation in use across industries in all four countries evaluated – Australia, Canada, the U.K. and U.S.
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