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Wolfgang Brickwedde Active Sourcing, Social Media Recruiting a.m.: 1. #tru recruiting conference in Germany - Interview with Bill Boorman
"I hope, I'll get all of you confused"
Bill Boorman, the founder of the #tru events (the recruiting unconference), and described as "explosive chaos" and the “King of Social Recruiting" is finally coming to Germany with the first #truDüsseldorf on July 8th 2013.
The ICR is happy to get some insights in this new style of recruiting conference and some answers on the questions, what people can expect and wether this conference fits within the German ecosystem. Here we go:
"A #tru recruiting unconference is half best practice, part test practice"
ICR: Hi Bill, thanks for sharing your insights on this, for Germany new, “unconference-style” event. Although we enjoyed already two HR Barcamps in Berlin in the last years your events seems to be significantly more “radical”. But firstly, since the tru events are new to Germany, could you briefly describe what is awaiting recruiters on the recruiting unconference #truDüsseldorf on the 7th of July?
Bill: You can expect to be having the conversations about areas that will become mainstream in 12 - 18 months. You can also expect lots of different viewpoints because we have always intentionally included everyone from product people, consultants, agency and in-house recruiters, candidates, students etc. Everyone has a stake in the people side of what we do, but most events are insular and less inclusive. #Tru is about the participants, where as most conferences are about the presenters. Expect more questions than answers, with the opportunity to start networking with people who can give you the answers.
ICR: What do you mean by no powerpoints? People are used to get at least an intro into a topic if not a whole presentation on powerpoint slides.
Bill: Its dead simple, no presentations, no superstars. A formal introduction sets out what the conversation is going to be. We want the conversation to evolve naturally, and it does. You dont walk in to a bar and say “before we talk, here is my presentation about what we are going to talk about.” Everyone has an equal part in shaping what gets talked about.
ICR: Then who will be the experts, participants can learn from and adapt the best practices for their daily work?
Everyone is an expert in their own area. I know that the smartest person in the room will turn out to be someone nobody knows yet. It is half best practice, part test practice. Everyone has their own perspective to share from their own experience.
ICR:And this thing with no name tags and no dress codes. Conferences in German are rather formal. We are used to wear suites and greet and introduce each other with last names. Will you get all of us confused?
Bill: Hopefully. No dress code means you can wear a suit and tie if that is what makes you comfortable. If the participants decide they want to introduce each other by name, they can. if you want to do a track in German you can. If you want to put your name on a sticker and put it on your shirt, you can. The participants decide individually what works for them. We don’t apply any rules. People are grown up enough to figure that out, but my advice is that if you dress and behave in a different way to how you are required to be at a normal conference, you won’t fall in to conference thinking. Being a participant is very different to being a delegate. Language is another area, We don’t dictate that. tracks can be in German or English. The participants decide.
ICR:In the agenda, there some track leaders mentioned (me, Wolfgang Brickwedde, being one of them) What would be our role?
Bill:That is going to be slightly different according to each track leader. We leave this as open as possible. Different track leaders have different styles of opening. I like to share a lot of data and examples to kick things off. The track leader hosts the discussion, then opens things up for everyone to listen to. It is up to you how you open up the conversation.
ICR:You have done more than 150 #tru events all over the world. What took you so long to come to Germany?
Bill: When I founded #tru 3 years ago, the plan was to have one event, so there was no grand master plan. Two years in I teamed up with Aki Kako, and now Craig Fisher. When there was only me, events revolved around my availability because I had to be there, and this means we have much greater scale. There is no reason that we couldn’t have 3 or 4 events around the world on the same day. It has always been really important to me that #tru is much bigger than Bill Boorman. Now that we have achieved this, we can get to more countries, and Germany fits in with this. I think this is going to be a great event.
ICR: Planned topics include Active Sourcing, Social Media Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting. Who should attend #truDüsseldorf? Recruiters, Heads of HR or social media recruiting geeks?
Bill: Anyone who wants to. Recruiting and work touches just about everyone in one way or another, The wider the range of participants, the better the conversation, and as the participants shape the conversation, the content will always be relevant to whoever decides to attend. This is one of the big differences to a normal conference, where the content and presenters are tied in to a narrow area of focus, with pre-determined outcomes. I can’t wait to get the conversation started.
Thanks Bill and good luck for the first unconference in German
Wolfgang Brickwedde
Who Is @BillBoorman?
I never wear a suit and I always wear a hat. I was the first person in the UK to register a business with @ in the name when I launched @BillBoorman in 2009. I’ve always worked in and around recruiting for the last 30 years or so. I think others would describe me as challenging the norm in most of what I do. I take a different approach to recruiting and networking. I have a great posse of connections who I can call on, and who can call on me. I used to have a real job as a Training and HR Director of a national recruitment business. I worked there for 12.5 years, before launching a traditional training business. When the recession came, I had no work and I discovered social media, the rest is history.
If you're around on July 8th, make sure you don't miss this one of a kind unconference!
Join as a participant, track leader or partner - all great minds are welcome to join the discussion! Register below.
Although the event is officially taking place 9am-6pm, we think you would like to reserve the evening for joining us for #truDrinks, where we will continue the discussions over a drink or two.
Don't forget to bring good mood and an open mind!
Register in English( or German (üsseldorf)
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Wolfgang Brickwedde Overview Recruiting in Germany
Some of you joined the Recruiter Community in order to get some insights in the German Recruitment market. In order to provide you with some bits and pieces I have put together a short overview of the corporate recruitment market.
If you would you like to know the answer to some of these questions:
● What are the current topics in German Corporate Recruiting?
● How proactive is the recruitment in Germany?
● How is the recruitment in Germany organized?
● Recruiting Channel: Where do employers get their applicants and hires from?
● How do job seekers and employers look for each other?
then please have a look at the presentation at You can preview (full size), download and share it. Please feel free to do so.
If you would encounter any specific other questions or issues and would like to know more, please don't hesitate to ask me under
Best Regards
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Wolfgang Brickwedde Rating Agencies assessing Recruiting Quality in Companies - be prepared!
John Sullivan wrote on this topic in a recent article on ERE . I adapted it for the recruitment function:
Ratings by key rating agencies can make or break a company, not only countries. CEO are listening carefully to if not fearing reports of financial analysts.
Now, rating agencies are starting to make the connection between excellent talent management (incl. recruiting) practices and profitability. More and more of the financial powers that be are considering making talent-management-effectiveness assessments mandatory. With access to and leverage of talent playing a more critical role in an organization’s ability to succeed than ever before, it should come as no surprise that the financial analyst community would start evaluating talent management capability when rating organizations. When the interest rate your organization gets on a major line of credit is influenced by your talent management effectiveness, you can bet the degree of scrutiny from both internal and external parties will change the game. And the importance of having your recruitment metrics in place is more obvious than ever.
Moody’s Begins the Change
Moody’s is an internationally known corporate bond rating service. Its bond rating can dramatically impact the cost of corporate credit. In a recent report on the outlook for the healthcare industry and the primary factors that contributed to profitability, Moody’s made a direct connection between financial performance and success in the talent management areas of recruiting and retention. Lisa Goldstein of Moody’s wrote that an effective strategy focusing on quality could:
“result in improved market share, better ability to recruit and retain physicians, lower nursing vacancy/turnover rates, improved financial performance…”
This statement clearly connects recruiting and retention with organizational performance in both market share and financial performance. Moody’s has made it clear that these types of factors will now influence its bond ratings. Given the widespread exposure that this report generated (it was highlighted in a Forbes article), recruitement leaders in other industries can now expect their executives and an increasing number of financial analysts to increase their scrutiny and raise their expectations for the recruitment function.
What can you do today?
If you are a recruitment leader who wants to be proactive, strategic, and demonstrate a commitment to enabling/driving the business, don’t delay action until this external assessment trend hits you in the face. Instead, consider it as an opportunity to show off the results that you have worked so hard to produce. Some action steps that I would recommend include:
* Start by putting together a team of financial and metrics experts in order to prepare for this added visibility and
* Develop a set of recruitment productivity and quality metrics, showing that you your company has access to
talent for future business success
* Develop a set of correlations between improved results in recruiting and increases in business results,
including sales, customer satisfaction, and product quality.
* Learn how to convert your recruiting results into their impact on corporate revenues. How about
The ROI of each hire last year was 38 %? Or, our employer brand saved us 2,4 million last year?
* Develop a methodology and approach that allows you to prepare for and to successfully respond to analysts
questions and inquiries.
Final Thoughts
Show (and prove it) that you can turn the company into a magnet for talents, that you can hire better players than the competition and by this contribute to the success of the company. Cost (cutting) discussions will turn into investment talks (much nicer). If you haven't started yet, start now and don't wait until the rating agency ask for your metrics.
Are your prepared already?
Wolfgang Brickwedde
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Wolfgang Brickwedde ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards 2011 - apply now or nominate a recruitment team!
Apply today for the industry's most prestigious recruiting award -
ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards 2011 are open for application or nomination!
not only because I have the honour to be part of the jury this year I do recommend to apply or nominate, but this is your chance to share how your recruiting success is helping your business — and in many cases furthering the recruiting profession. Whether it's your diversity program, your careers website, your referral program, retention program, military recruiting program (a new category this year), your branding initiative, or another talent strategy, this is your best chance to showcase what's working at your organization.
ERE Media is accepting applications for the annual ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, on January 5, 2011.
The winners will be announced at ERE's upcoming conference in San Diego.
Don't miss this opportunity to put your recruiting deparment's best practices in the spotlight. You can join an illustrious group of past winners, such as Enterprise, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and Whirlpool, as leaders in the recruiting field.
Big companies, small companies -- they all are given a chance. We've had honorees (like Rosetta, in the 2010 awards) with just a fraction of the budget and employee base as larger corporations. Don't let your hard work go unrecognized.
We are currently accepting applications in eight categories. To view the complete of categories visit
Nominate For an Award
Do you know of a company or organization who you think should apply? Let them know, or let us know ( If you're contacting us, please let us know why you think the organization is award-worthy, and if possible, include a contact name at the best-practices organization, so we know who to follow up with and encourage to apply.
Think your recruiting department is doing some amazing work? Apply here:
Wolfgang Brickwedde
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