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Axel Angeli Erinnerung: Indiadays Karlsruhe 2.April 2014
Guten Tag,
denken Sie dran, sich noch rechtzeitig sich für den Indien-IT-Tag in Karlsruhe am 2.Apr.2014 anzumelden.
Es erwartet Sie ein großes Programm mit renommierten Sprechern, Informationen über Indien und Indo-Germanische IT-Aktivitäten und vielen Möglichkeiten Kontakte zwischen Indern und Deutschen zu knüpfen.
Außerdem in Karlsruhe:
3.April 2014: Wirtschaftstag Indien
4.April 2014: Duale Ausbildung in Indien
Ich würde mich freuen Sie zu dort zu treffen.
Beste Grüße
Axel Angeli
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Axel Angeli Some spipends left for INDIASOFT 21.-23.MAR 2012 Hyderabad
Dear all,
we have filled the 25 seats for German delegates for this years INDIASOFT 2012.
Come and learn about India and talk to nopw over 200 exhibitors at the venue.
We have reserved another five tickets for German delegates. INDIASOFT will pay for the international flight.
Candidates please apply through our home page: .
See you in the Hyderarab sunshine!
Business and Pool Parties in Incredible India are waiting for you!
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Axel Angeli INDIASOFT-INDESCON X-Table Köln 7.Dez, 19h; Karlsruhe 8.Dez 19h
Köln 7.Dez, 19h;
Karlsruhe 8.Dez 19h
Dear all,
there will be two events in Germany for the occation of the highly welcomed visit of the heads of India's Electronic and Software Promotion Council (ESC) in Germany to talk about Indo-German IT cooperation and about the upcoming INDIASOFT Fair 23/24.Mar 2012.
Please spread this invitations to all who might be interested. Details are in the following XING-Links.
Köln: Mit, 7.Dez 2011, 19h, Köln, Messe
Thank you
Axel Angeli
INDESCON e.V. empfängt am 7.Dez 2011, 19h in Köln die Macher der INDIASOFT
Indien ist eines der interessantesten Länder der Welt. Bislang vor allem Urlaubsland und Heimat des Dschungelbuchs bekannt, hat sich Indien aber heute zu einem der "Big Players" der Weltwirtschaft entwickelt. In allen Industriebereiche entsteht mehr und mehr Zusammenarbeit zwischen Indischen und Deutschen Firmen. Das ist nicht erstaunlich, denn vor allem der indische Binnenmarkt, getragen von einer stetig wohlhabender werden Milliarden-Bevölkerung schafft ein Wirtschaftswachstum, wie es in der Stärke und Macht seit dem Wirtschaftswunder nicht mehr gesehen wurde.
Bekannt ist Indien auch für seine Investitionen in die Computerindustrie. Gefördert wird der Mittelstand vor allem durch die staatlich getragene Wirtschaftsförderung "Electronic and Software Export Promotion Council". Der jetzige Vize-Direktor Sri Vikas Gupta und der der ehemalige Präsident des ESC Sri Sanjiv Narayan kommen am 7.Dez 2011 nach Köln, um die Stadt und die wirtschaftliche Kooperation kennen zu lernen.
Bei dieser Gelegenheit möchten die Herren auch die INDIASOFT bewerben, Indiens größte Computermesse, welche nur eingeladenen Besuchern offen ist. Veranstaltet wird der Abend von INDESCON e.V., ein Verein zur Förderung der wirtschaftlichen Zusammenarbeit von Kleinunternehmen in der Softwarebranche. Gäste des Abends werden auf die INDIASOFT eingeladen und für Kleinunternehmen übernimmt ESC auch einen Teil der Reisekosten.
Zur Planung des Caterings für den Abend bitten wir Sie sich auf XING einzutragen oder ein email an den Organisator des Abends, Herrn Axel Angeli zu senden.
Veranstaltungsort: Radisson Blu, Köln-Messe Deutz.
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Axel Angeli INDIASOFT 25/26MAR2011 in Pune - we have 5 more sponsored tickets left!
Dear Collegues,
INDESCON has got some of the remaining delegation tickets for INDIASOFT 2011, 25/26MAR2011 in Pune (Includes VIP entry, flight sponsorship, meals)
INDIASOFT ( ) is India's largest IT and technology fair and opens its gates for the 11th time on 25.26. March 2011 in Pune. It is designed as a showcase for Indian IT service providers and software developers to present their performances to a world wide audience. Therefore INDIASOFT invites delegates from all over the world to come to Pune and meet with the exhibitors in an exclusive environment.
India will be the No 1 market within the five years
India as a nation has been the most booming region for the past decade, outperforming widely other tiger states like Brazil, Russia, China or South Africa. It seems that nothing can stop the India is an own sub-continent with size and cultural multitude similar to Europe from Kopenhagen to Sicilia and as a federal state and modern Western democracy its dynamic is carried by a deep rooted entrepreneurial spirit. India of 2010 is no longer the cheap-labour offshore destination. It is a country with a huge potential of brain and an uncountable number of SMB that take mainly Germany as their role model.
Germany is highly welcome in India
The organizers of Indiasoft, the Government funded Electronic & Software Export promotion Council ESC has well noted that Germany is the second largest domestic buying market for software and IT services in the world. As a consequence the interest of ESC and the exhibitors in getting in touch with German companies is enormous. This year Saarland will also open an own booth and represent Germany.
VIP-Tickets available
INDESCON e.V. - The India-Deutschland Software Competence Network had hence no problem to convince ESC to open their purse again and issue a number of free delegation tickets for this years Indiasoft. The tickets are given to companies that have a serious interest in future business relationship of any kind with India companies. Both buyers and joint-venture investors are welcome. Even those companies who want to sell their IT business to an Indian partner are welcome. ESC will allow you as delegates to INDIASOFT and also sponsor your intercontinental flight.
Mini-Rainbow Tour
INDESCON has also organized a small introduction tour for the delegates to make yourself familiar with India. The tour will include visits to Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and optionally Hyderabad where you will be introduced to more local companies who have already announced their interest in investing in Indo-German business.
Come to India
Take a chance on India. Take the chance now. Come to India now to see yourself before the hottest slots are given. In order to be ready for the right business in three year's time you must get your first contacts now.
Please get in touch with Axel Angeli, Director Global Communications of INDESCON e.V. at .
And a special note for everybody from Saarland: This year we especially welcome a delegation of Saarland who is going to be present with an own booth. Representatives of companies with a registered siege in Saarland will benefit from additional sponsorships of Saarland government.
Best regards
Axel Angeli
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