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NLP - Die Welt des Neuro-Linguistischen Programmierens

NLP ist Potenzialentfaltung & Veränderung. Hier wird darüber diskutiert und informiert. Seminare dazu? Klicken Sie auf unseren "Marktplatz".

Guido Dik Guido Dik: my introduction
Dear all,
I have recently subscribed to this group and hope to get acquainted with a lot of you! My name is Guido Dik and I have my NLP institute in the Netherlands for 10 years already. SInce I have always worked internationally I am looking to broaden my NLP perspective also internationally.
From an NLP perspective I started NLPpuntNL 10 years ago, after having taken the Trainers Training in the Los Angeles in that year (2002). This was the most profound training, bringing me the most personal growth I have ever experienced. On top of that I had also gained an extra profession: International Certified NLP trainer (ABNLP standards).
Since then I have trained over 600 people in NLP on a practitioner level, master practitioner level and master advanced level. In the meantime we have grown to 5 trainers, also giving trainings in Time Line Therapy ® , Solution Focused Coaching (Therapy) and lots of in-company trainings a.o. by having adopted and elaborated a profound NLP approach to helping teams perform.
I had never figured to turn my career like that. I was in international marketing (being international marketing director for IT technology software in Baan company). I had tremendous experience in bringing IT products to the marketplace and how to grow them. Before that I was marketing director for the dutch public broadcasting advertising company. All in all to me it was a surprise to have developed in this direction.
I have to admit that it was all for the better, I am helping people nowadays to grow as a person, wherever the direction of their challenge is. Whether they are C level executives looking how to take care of - and motivate their staff, whether they have a personal issue and want/need to be coached or whether they are interested in personal communication in general through NLP trainings.
Ten years later I decided that it is time that I share this enormous opportunity with others by bringing Tad and Adriana James to the Netherlands.
I would like to here more from you, co members of this group. Below I will list the topics we have in our short brochure in english, if you prefer to receive this in another language, just let me know.
Best Regards,
Guido Dik
Ho-Seoung Moon Introduction
i`m a philosopher, who is interested in life and being. My aim is to spread the meaningfulness of philosophy for daily life. These times as 2000 years ago same questions are asked and as well bothering the individual being.
Philosophy is an instrument of self thinking, self-awareness, self-recognition and self-determination. I try helping people by counseling them. as a philosophical consultant.
NLP seems to me the modern expression of the perception and construction of the own world. there are terms involved, which were already founded by Descartes or Kant in accordance to knowledge or reason.
I hoin this group to figure out the boundaries and effectiveness of NLP, of which i`m convinced by certein degree. i`m looking forward for interesting discussions.


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