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Kids with a Cause Europe

We promote the philosophy of collective responsibility and ask children to help children in need worldwide.

Kilian Bader It's our job to love our kids!
It is not the job of our children to love us! But it is our job to love all of our children wholeheartedly, no matter what happens or they may have done !!! - A true statement that I have heard today. Finally I was really glad to know that it works well in both directions at my family! ?
Kilian Bader Thanks for your help!
We have prepared a small collage that you can see, how hard children and young adults work to help children in need. You will also find pics of gifts, fountains, trainings etc. which only could be realized because of the effort of our Volunteers and the grateful donations of other supporters from us.
Kilian Bader Good news regarding the FUTURE PRESIDENT project. 2015 table calendars made from children for children...
Until yesterday evening we have raised CHF 5'304.62 thanks to the great effort of the pupils from the primary school Schubelbach. This money - so decided the pupils - will be donated to the foundation BASSOTU to help kids in Tanzania. Special thanks to all, who supported us, to realise this great project with the pupils of Schuebelbach.
We are looking forward for organizations, associations, companies, schools and private people who like to realize new projects in cooperation with Kids with a Cause. So please don't hesitate, if you have an idea and need professional or financial support.


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