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Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) Mannheim

Herzlich Willkommen in der Gruppe der Dualen Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mannheim!

Edward Berne DM919: Linux Spezialist (M/W)
DM919: Linux Spezialist
Standort- Deutschland
Auslastung- Vollzeit
Projektsprache- Deutsch , Englisch
Projektstart- ASAP
Ihr Aufgabengebiet:
-Setup eines neuen Compute Grids auf HP Hardware unter RedHat
Ihre Voraussetzungen:
-Erfahrung mit RedHat
-gute Linux Kenntnisse
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Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Anja Kirsch
Key Account Manager
Gökhan Tayap Beratung in Statistik und SPSS
Sehr geehrte Gruppenmitglieder,
müssen Sie statistische Datenanalysen mit SPSS durchführen, aber wissen nicht wie? Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie unsere Homepage oder senden Sie uns über Xing eine Nachricht. Wir freuen uns auf eure Mitteilung.
Beste Grüße
Statisticz Tayap
Aanchal Chandhok B2B – Adressen UND Wirtschaftsdatenbank
Good Day,
Clevora Global Outsourcing company was  established five years ago  with an exclusive focus to provide Project Management and Process Excellence Services. Our aim is to provide solutions for organizations involved in Business Outsourcing Process.
We provides soup to nuts in the field of "Business process outsourcing solutions “to small and large scale establishments. Headquarters in Delhi, India.
We are a team of motivated professionals, skilled in Managing projects, Improving work flows and ensuring Compliance to quality requirements . Our team is certified, experienced to undertake challenging and complex assignments to support our clients.
Clevora has an experience of working in Multiple Foreign Languages . We have a team of professional language expert (English , German , French)
We are offering top-quality products and friendly customer service to different clients all across the world. However, due to increasing competition, it is harder to defend an exposed market position for all market participants. If we gets an opportunity to work with your prominent company then , we can offers the opportunity to reduce costs and to use existing resources more efficiently . Clevora has been over a decade in the market and supports area businesses to expand into the B2B and B2C reach of their service and to reduce costs significantly
Clevora has experience with back office support, software development and customer relationship management; such as email processing and information filtering and sorting. We operate 24x7 and are available to assist you with your business requirements according to your time zone In many projects, we uses a direct access to the systems and the data base of clients and then make changes in real time.
Services Provided by us :-
Acceptance of the order in the call centre
Data entry, backend office work
Complaints processing
after sales service
Seller Support Services.
Business process consulting
Software development
Capture, encoding and conversion of data
Database clean up and Management
Fax & Brief support
24*7 Email, Chat Support & Helpdesk (Technical and Non Technical)
Photo Editing and uploading services on Web portal
Catalogue Management & Content Writing on portals.
Digital Marketing
Data experts implement following services
Creating organized data from disorganized texts.
Working with different input sources to create a centralized data to update and maintain client’s database with latest input
Validating data by verification with authentic sources, ensuring its quality and reliability.
Our solutions and services. 
 Customer relationship management
 Financial and accounting
 Outsourcing of HR processes
 Knowledge process outsourcing
 Logistics/procurement/supply chain management
 Internal activity allocation (reconciliation) - Clevora aspire service
Data Security :-
We understood the privacy, security and confidentiality concerns of the customers and have taken necessary security measures to ensure that the customer's confidential information is kept secure. For more information read Here :
Your advantages: -.
Reliable best practices, platforms and tools
Global standards and proven best-of-breed processes
Lower spending on capital investment and maintenance costs
High quality services through our global network delivery mode
Building of report
We have tried our best to  give small overview about the offerings from our company and if some questions are coming to you then please feel free to ask. Hope to hear from you soon .