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Clean Energy

CleanEnergy Project widmet sich den Themen Energie, Umwelt, Technologie, Wirtschaft und unserer Gesellschaft auf dem Weg zur Nachhaltigkeit.

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A bipartisan group in the House of Representatives introduced a bill to tax greenhouse-gas emissions and redistribute the proceeds to citizens. The report found that unchecked emissions could lop a tenth off American GDP this century. But the bill is set to fail—Donald Trump appears to view the report as a work of fiction.
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The history of Black Friday tracks the history of modern American retailing, and of personal consumption in the United States, which make up a bigger part of the economy than in almost any other industrialized country.
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Punishing emitters is a better solution in the fight against climate change than subsidizing green technologies.
“Dump your garbage on your neighbor’s lawn and you’ll wind up paying to have it removed and probably a fine, too. Release 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning a gallon of gasoline, and it’s a freebie.”