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Nachhaltig, ökologisch & gesund bauen und wohnen

energetische, biologische Öko-Design-Häuser, Energie, Nachhaltigkeit, Gesundheit, Umwelt, Natur im Hausbau, Architektur im Holz-Traumhaus

Andreas Lieder Liederflex - wir lieben, was wir tun
Wir vermarkten modulare Leichtbaukonstruktionen für Ferienzwecke / Mobilheime und zur Pflegebetreuung von Senioren und Menschen mit Handicap. Bei Fertigstellung der Häuser wird eine moderne Technik in Holzrahmenbauweise eingesetzt. Es werden hochwertige ökologische Baustoffe verwendet , die die Kriterien der Behaglichkeit und des gesunden Raumklimas aufweisen.
Only visible to XING members Nature, Environment and Sustainability !!
Today, when mankind stresses the care we must take with the "Environment", now so devastated, so badly treated by men, I have decided to post these beautiful and reflective words of Khalil Gibran an essayist, liberal philosopher, prose writer, poet, lecturer, with the title:......"The Man and the Nature" !!
At the break of day, I sat in the meadow, conversing with Nature, while Man still rested quietly in the folds of drowsiness. I lay down on the green grass and began to meditate on these questions:
--Is Beauty a Truth? Is Truth a Beauty?
And in my thoughts I was taken away from humanity. My imagination unveiled the veil of matter that hid my innermost being. My soul expanded and I felt bound to nature and its secrets. My ears have been attentive to the language of his wonders.
As I sat down and turned myself deeply into meditation, I felt a breeze drifting through the branches of the trees and caught a sigh like a lost orphan.
--"Why are you sorry, breeze?" I asked.
And the breeze answered, "For I came from the city that is scalding under the heat of the sun, and the germs of the plagues and pollutions are added to my pure garments. Can you blame me for mourning me? "
--Then I looked at the faces of the colorful tears of the flowers and heard their suit lament ... And I asked, "Why do you weep, my wonderful flowers?"
One of them raised her head graciously and murmured, "We mourn because the Man will come and tear us up and put us up for sale in the markets of the city."
And another flower added: "At night, when we are withered, he will throw us into the garbage heap. We weep because the cruel hand of Man pulls us from our native abodes. "
--I also heard a stream lamenting like a widow who wept over her dead son, and I questioned him: "Why do you weep for my limpid brook?"
And the brook replied: "For I am compelled to go into the city, where man despises me and rejects me for strong drinks, and makes me a loader of his garbage, pollutes my purity, and transforms my service into filth."
--I heard the birds sobbing and I interjected: "Why do you weep my beautiful birds?"
And one of them flew close, landed on the end of a branch and justified: "Soon the children of Adam will come to this camp with their destroying weapons and will wage war against us, as if we were their mortal enemies. Now we are bidding each other farewell, for we do not know which of us will escape the fury of Man. Death follows us, wherever we go. "
--Then the sun rose behind the mountain peaks and colored the tops of the trees with golden haloes. I beheld such great beauty and wondered,
Why should man destroy what nature has built?" ... Yes..I asking too..Why ??
Andreas Lerge Eine Frage der Ökologie!
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Andreas Lerge Sommerfest Holzbau Netzwerk München + Das Bau Team 29.06.2019
Am 29.06. wollen wir zusammen mit Euch feiern! Ob Zimmerer, Dachdecker, Architekt, Investor, Ingenieur, Wohnungsbaugesellschaft oder Handwerker. Wir laden alle holzbaubegeisterte Menschen zum Netzwerken und Feiern ein. Es wird Grillgut und Getränke geben. Am Nachmittag findet ein Zimmererklatsch statt.
Wir freuen uns!
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