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Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen

Wir informieren und diskutieren über die Fortschritte im Bereich der Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Technik.

Sven Geitmann H2-international - Newsletter June 2018
Considering we are confronted with new facts almost every day, it should come as no surprise that the controversy surrounding nitrogen oxides and fine dust, blue badges and diesel bans in German cities shows no sign of letting up. Likewise, automakers are a recurrent subject on the evening news, whether they want to or not. …
Fuel cell power plants are the top class of stationary applications. They are the most difficult systems to design and the market for them is the toughest to survive. Companies engaging in this business have often come crashing down or were saved in spectacular fashion by mere chance. But there are some which have mastered …
As part of an online survey, H2-international has asked 12 suppliers of fuel cell power plants to provide information about their product portfolio and the market. Unfortunately, only four of them filled out the questionnaire, describing four products in total. Datasheets available elsewhere were used to add more systems to the table below. …
The work of Joi Scientific Inc. continues to be shrouded in secrecy. Who are these Americans who have been present on the scene for months, but haven’t really explained what they’re doing? What does the company, which seems to have already collected millions in investor money, want to offer? A finished product or services only? …
As part of a project funded by the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Anleg and ZBT are constructing a mobile energy station to ensure that even small-scale applications in difficult terrain have a reliable source of power, hydrogen and light. The system base is a box truck, designed for off-road duty, whose cargo area …
So far, we’ve closely followed the developments unfolding at Berlin-based fuel cell supplier Heliocentris and the takeover of its locations in Germany (see H2-international, May 2017 and January 2018). We also reported about the comeback of FutureE and the spin-off of Home Power Solutions. And recently, we sat down with Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, owner of Enapter, …
Hydrogen is of central importance to a German market that is becoming increasingly interwoven. What makes the gas the ideal chemical energy carrier is that it can provide not only the heat and power sector with a long-term storage option, but also vehicles with electricity and the chemical industry with a raw material. The authors …
Until 2030, Switzerland’s heat generation from renewable gas is to increase from today’s roughly 1 percent to 30 percent. To achieve greater efficiency in the use of raw gas sources, Zurich-based energy supplier Energie 360° and the PSI – Paul Scherrer Institute have been working on developing a new power-to-gas technology. …
Sprakebüll is a small German village, west of Flensburg, where wet meadows extend as far as the eye can see. Most of the village’s population of 240 has worked in agriculture for decades. About 20 years ago, 24 of them pooled their resources to fund a community wind farm. The investment was seen as a …
Electric motors are the key to sustainable transportation. One of the features that all-electric and fuel cell vehicles have in common is the absence of local emissions. Their lack of harmful pollutants can improve people’s quality of life, especially in highly populated conurbations. What is needed now is a supply chain …
Fuel cells are highly productive systems for converting energy from hydrogen into electricity. Their conversion efficiency of 50 percent to 60 percent has made them a subject of intense interest among stakeholders in the EU’s current and past research framework programs. However, if there is to be a concrete implementation strategy to introduce zero-emission power …
Hydrogen certainly has the potential to become a mainstay across all kinds of energy markets. It can be produced entirely from renewable energy, requiring not even a tiny amount of carbon-based fuel. It is currently being brought to market to power cars, buses, trucks and trains through fuel cells driving their engines. …
Each day, the sun sends vast quantities of energy to the earth. During millions of years, our planet has adapted to this steady stream of power, developing clever ways to make efficient use of the solar resources it receives. Scientists have been trying to do the same in a rather minuscule amount of time. Over …
* 22nd WHEC, June 17th to 22nd, 2018, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
* Electrify Europe, June 19th to 21st, 2018, Messe Wien, in Vienna, Austria,
* ees Europe & Power2Drive Europe, Conference: June 19th to 20th, 2018 - Fair: June 20th to 22nd, 2018, in Munich, Germany,,
* Hypothesis XIII, July 24th to 27st, 2018, in Singapore,
* China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition (CHFCE), July 26th to 28th, 2018, in Beijing, China,
* 3rd Asia (Guangzhou) Battery Sourcing Fair (GBF ASIA 2018), August 16th to 18th, 2018, in Guangzhou, China,
* European Summer School on Hydrogen Safety (ESSHS 2018), Week 1, September 10th to 14th, 2018, in Athens, Greece,
* European Summer School on Hydrogen Safety (ESSHS 2018), Week 2, September 17th to 21st, 2018, in Athens, Greece,
* f-cell, September 18th to 19th, 2018, in Stuttgart, Haus der Wirtschaft,
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Sven Geitmann Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Newsletter May 2018 just published
- Hyundai’s new charm offensive in Germany
- Japan, the rising star
- Hydrogen-enriched turbine gas
- ITM and Shell to build 10 MW electrolyzer
Stefan Augustin Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project in Australia
12. April 2018: Hydrogen is a fuel of the future and has the potential to provide a secure and clean source of energy as countries tackle the challenge of meeting national and international emissions reduction targets.
As a first step in developing a viable hydrogen industry in Australia, the Australian and Victorian Governments are supporting a world-first project to produce hydrogen in Victoria and export it to Japan.
The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project has been launched in April 2018 and once constructed (2018–20) will run for one year (2020–21). It will develop and trial a seven-stage hydrogen supply chain.
Sven Geitmann H2-international - Newsletter April 2018
H2-international - Newsletter April 2018
Hannover Messe remodels Energy show
Change is coming to energy, industrial and transportation sectors all over the world. Everywhere, countries are looking for future-proof solutions to transform their economies into something more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. Hannover Messe, taking place April 23 through 27, will offer them ways to accomplish their goals. The center of attention will again be …
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United States extends fuel cell funding
The United States Congress has restored the 30 percent investment tax credit for fuel cell power generation and forklifts, extending it through 2022, with a reduction in the final two years. The credit would be 26 percent in 2021 and 22 percent in 2022. This brings the fuel cell incentive in line with incentives for …
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Charges filed against eZelleron’s Kühn
In April 2016, eZelleron, a German startup, filed for bankruptcy protection (see H2-international, August 2016). Now, its former CEO, Sascha Kühn, was charged with violating accounting principles, committing fraud and deepening the company’s insolvency, the Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten newspaper has reported. Kühn left Germany for the United States to head kraftwerk Inc. and eZelleron Inc. …
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DWV in favor of joint H2 company
On Feb. 7, 2018, the DWV, also known as the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, held an extraordinary general meeting in Berlin. During this meeting, it was decided that the group would be joining forces with the BVES, that is, the German Energy Storage Association, and possibly also with the DVGW, the German Technical …
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Simone Peter elected president of BEE
The BEE, the German Renewable Energy Federation, has a new president, former Green Party co-chair Simone Peter. After stepping down from her party leadership position in January 2018, she was unanimously elected to head the umbrella organization the following month. She replaced Fritz Brickwedde, who had presided over the BEE since October 2013 and resigned …
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Hedge fund takes on Ballard – the new stock market thriller?
Ballard Power’s stock recently came under pressure for not fulfilling all the expectations of market analysts. The last quarter of 2017 didn’t see a net loss of USD 0.01 but USD 0.02 per share. The net loss for the whole of last year was as much as USD 0.05, although on a non-adjusted basis. It …
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FuelCell Energy – Carbon capture offers great potential
FuelCell Energy (Nasdaq: FCEL) has announced its financial results for the first quarter in 2018, ended Jan. 31. Total revenue amounted to USD 38.6 million, up from USD 17 million in 2017. The company posted a loss of USD 8.4 million, including USD 3.5 million in deemed dividends on preferred stock. Financial liquidity on the balance sheet …
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Plug Power expects strong second quarter
Technological breakthroughs and rosy prospects for growth may have raised expectations of the fuel cell companies described below, but their grossly undervalued stocks haven’t followed suit. Zooming out for a moment, there should be a greater focus on sustainability if the goal is to up the stock price. Instead, too much emphasis is placed on …
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Hydrogenics versus ITM Power
Canadian producer Hydrogenics (Nasdqaq: HYGS) and British manufacturer ITM Power (London: ITM) aren’t entirely comparable, but they use similar technologies. There are some commonalities in the form of power-to-gas projects, hydrogen stations and powerful electrolyzers to generate the gas. Their market caps aren’t as far apart as I would expect based on the number and …
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Tesla: Livin’ in my own little world
This or a similar sentiment could describe in a nutshell the content of the tweets and comments by Elon Musk, the charismatic CEO of Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA). Reality is a bit of a world apart. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Tesla lost around USD 675 million despite strong growth in revenue to USD 3.3 …
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H2 Energy on track for expansion
H2 Energy, a Swiss corporation based in the Glattpark industrial area in Opfikon, near Zurich, is gradually expanding its reach. CEO Philipp Dietrich said that the company would now concentrate its efforts on the German market. In mid-January, it formed a joint venture with Global Automotive Partners. Reportedly, the new business, called H2 Energy Deutschland, …
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Energy Storage Europe growth grinds to a halt
The Energy Storage Europe show, which took place March 13 through 15 in Düsseldorf, Germany, had more than 200 leaders in science, business, government and civil society present the latest developments in five series of parallel sessions at two co-located conferences, the 7th ESE and Eurosolar’s 12th IRES. The show no longer featured a Power-to-Gas conference, …
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Hydrogen conference in Rio de Janeiro
This year, the hydrogen community will meet June 17 through 22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference. Three of the speakers who have confirmed their participation are Bart Biebuyck, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, Brussels; Sunita Satyapal, Department of Energy, USA; and Yoshihiro Mizutani, Ministry of the Environment, …
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Swiss Hydrogen turns French
Swiss Hydrogen, a manufacturer of fuel cell systems, has a new owner. Groupe E, an energy provider based in Switzerland, announced in late 2017 that it had sold its stake in the company to Plastic Omnium, a French supplier of auto parts. The latter also acquired the shares held by others, namely entrepreneur Marco Simeoni, …
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Gasteiger joins Pajarito Powder’s advisory board
Pajarito Powder, a catalyst manufacturer based in Albuquerque, USA, can now draw on Austrian expertise to further its business. Late last October, it announced that Hubert Gasteiger had joined the company’s technical advisory board. Webb Johnson, who also advises Pajarito, told H2-international that the manufacturer had made great progress in designing engineered catalyst support materials …
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