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A1 Telecom is a modern corporate telecommunication solutions and systems. Cloud PBX and Call center.

Now more and more companies are leaning towards maximum optimization of the workflow. And of course this can be done using IT solutions. Let's talk about CRM with telephony. Without CRM, our cloud PBX is able to receive many calls at the same time, distribute them according to the configured scheme, and play an interactive voice menu. In conjunction with CRM are available:

* outgoing calls from the customer's card in CRM;

* automatically create leads for incoming calls;

* distribution of calls depending on the priority of the client, the status of the transaction in the CRM or the personal Manager;

* detailed statistics – who called, where and when, how many outgoing calls were made and received, and the duration of calls;

* automatic switching to the client's card when an incoming call is received;

* fixing missed calls in CRM and creating a "call back" task automatically.

Integration with CRM will allow you to have full information about your client, make him the most favorable offers and provide him with the best suppport!

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Office telephony, optimization of basic business processes, provision of multi-channel numbers and basic communication services: virtual PBX, cloud call center. When you connect, you get a free trial period with full-featured access and we will show you what our phone system is capable of! At the moment, there are Christmas and new year discounts. Details on the link:

Cloud PBX , call-center and SIP-trunk

High-quality communication and security, a cloud - based workplace are features that do not require constant costs. Are you a business owner? Compare your expenses! No need to buy equipment. When using cloud telephony services, all data is uploaded to the cloud, which allows the business owner to save money, and managers to work remotely and receive calls from any device.
If your company uses a PBX (office or cloud), connecting via SIP trunk allows you to opt out of physical cable lines and provides a trunk this is the best way to connect Your company or Contact trunk allows you to opt out of physical cable lines and provides access to the public telephone network both within the country and around the world. The SIP Protocol allows you to connect an unlimited number of virtual multi-channel numbers, both local and foreign.
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