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Agile Architecture

Everything you want to discuss about in case of IT Agile Architecture: from design process, construction flavor, up to system behavior.

Adam Boczek Microservice-based architecture may not provide any meaningful benefits
"More complexity, thanks to the expertise required to maintain a microservice-based application with all its moving parts."
"If the application doesn’t need to scale or isn’t cloud-based, microservice-based architecture may not provide any meaningful benefits."
"The costs of maintenance, operational costs, and production monitoring are much higher, and the latter also suffers from a dearth of available tools."
"Dealing with distributed systems’ development, deployment, and operational management overheads can be expensive requiring a high initial investment to run."
Adam Boczek RxJava or Reactor? - Good Question
The implementation of the reactive stack in Spring 5 ( give the reactive programming movement much more traction. Please look here at this very pragmatic post comparing most known implementations (however without Java 9 Flow). I'm quite sure: "reactive" is a milestone for agile architecture!
Adam Boczek I do it seldom however in this case I am happy to announce: the Second Edition is there!
The book "Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software" was in my opinion a milestone some years ago. And now we got an update of it, so don't wait, just get it:
It is a must read for every architect.
Adam Boczek Interesting set of Principles for Independent Systems Architecture
Driven by Innoq so we know how are the authors. There is nothing new there, but short and precise:
What I would not recommend directly is their idea of Self-contained Systems as defined here:
Any comments from your side?
Norman Mendel
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