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Willkommen in der AHK Australien XING Gruppe! Erfahren Sie mehr über Ihre Möglichkeiten in Australien.

Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Nürnberg, Potsdam oder Lüneburg - Ländersprechtage in Deutschland Anfang Mai
Vom 7. - 9. Mai werde ich bei den lokalen IHK's für Einzelgespräche an diesen Standorten zur Verfügung stehen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier:
Martin Feld Learn More about Australian Healthcare Week Expo 2018
The German-Australian Chamber is pleased to support this free-to-attend expo, which will feature over 250 exhibitors covering healthcare facilities, digital solutions, medical devices, medical imaging, operating theatres and aged care. Visit this site to learn more and register:
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Telstra opens 5G Innovation Centre on Gold Coast
Telstra plans to test the technology during the Commonwealth Games, as 5G brings with it support for "beamforming", bending the radio signals from mobile towers to focus on specific areas — such as crowded sporting events — during peak demand.
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar MTPConnect reports strong growth in Australia’s Medtech, Biotech and Pharmaceutical sector
MTPConnect – the Medical Technology, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical (MTP) Industry Growth Centre – has released new sector metrics that show jobs supported by the MTP sector increased by 10% to 62,000 from 2015 to 2016, and that manufacturing exports are up by 30% to $5.2 billion. The new data, sourced by MTPConnect from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), highlights the progress the local MTP sector has made to maintain and extend its world-class standing in recent years.
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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar ENVIRO18 Convention - Call for Abstracts
The Waste Management Association of Australia will be hosting ENVIRO’18, Australia’s leading Waste and Resource Recovery Convention which is being held from 13 – 14 June 2018 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
ENVIRO’18 is set to challenge thinking about waste in Australia - how we see it as the resource it is in order that Australia can move towards a new economy that is both resource efficient and economically viable.
We all know that the current linear ‘make-take-waste’ approach is no longer viable. Australian companies face the ongoing challenge of remaining competitive, whilst managing finite resources, developing and managing sustainable infrastructure and supply chains, monitoring costs and responding to regulation. At the same time consumers are increasingly more aware and demanding that business be sustainable in all meanings of the word.
Australia needs to think circular - we need to take what we know about the Waste Management Hierarchy and change the way we design, purchase, think, use, and produce the goods of today, in order that they can be the resources of tomorrow.
Countries in the European Union, China and others are actively embracing this new way of thinking and responding, Australia needs to act now and make circular a reality. Australia needs to embrace a life cycle driven Circular Economy with cascading use of resources and declining residual waste - only then can we create the jobs, industry and manufacturing opportunities Australia needs, as well as assisting businesses to remain competitive both in Australia and overseas.
The Circular Economy is rapidly catching attention, demonstrating the necessity to decouple economic development from finite resource constraints. It’s inspiring CEOs, politicians, engineers, designers and the next generation of like-minded leaders to preserve and enhance natural capital, optimise resource yields and minimise system risk by managing finishers stocks and renewable flows.
ENVIRO’18 will provide an opportunity to not only hear about the principles of the Circular Economy but learn from successful local and international early adaptors, as well as view innovation and new technologies. It offers the opportunity to participate in the real conversations required in Australia about material choices, energy usage, product lifecycle impacts, new business models and jobs of the future whilst exploring the importance of the Circular Economy to Australia’s success as a producer and manufacturer, halting the leakage of these commodities overseas.
Over two days delegates will hear from both international and national leaders who have embraced a new way of thinking and can demonstrate how massive productivity gains can be achieved by its implementation and why it is vital that the waste and resource recovery sector must take a leadership role in making this transition!
Abstracts will be presented in a holistic way and will also examine how society needs to operate in the future to successfully address the challenges of population and urban growth including the future built environment, demand on natural resources, disruptive technology, rising costs, competition and consumer expectations.
All submissions will need to provide supporting documentation/data to quantify their projects.