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Norwin Voegeli Perfect time to enter the US market!
The USA is by far the largest and most important export market for European countries. Today we’ve seen the best running economy in the US, since a long time. Current Administration is willing to invest in infrastructure. With the historic tax reform, a pro-business environment is supporting investments in the US, to be successful a local presence is a must. The overall situation wasn’t that good in a long time and this is the optimal time to act!
So how do you penetrate the US market? The annals of business are littered with foreign companies that have never quite succeeded in the USA. An independent study says that up to 65% of companies fail in this endeavor. It doesn’t have to be like that!
Our focus is supporting small and medium sized international technology suppliers in the US market entry. We are able to provide our local infrastructure and our business knowledge for a smooth US market entry at reasonable cost. With various services we will help you to tailor a market entry according to your specific needs and fitting to your budget. From market entry support up to using our established office structure and services we are able to bundle the right package for you.
We offer all possible set ups from a virtual office to a full-blown operation. Our expertise is technology driven business based on a long international career and based on the experience of a Swiss Engineer living and working in the US almost 13 years. We are able to support your market entry strategy, help you with the set-up of a legal entity and especially with planning and establishing an engineering or/and a project management team. With a strong technical background and almost 13 years’ experience in complex technical fields we are perfectly prepared to support your plans and strategies.
Please contact me for more details.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar 3. Deutscher Exporttag am 23. Oktober 2018 in Mannheim: Update zur Handels- und Zollpolitik der USA
Das Weiße Haus hat kürzlich eine Reihe neuer Einfuhrabgaben verhängt. Zudem haben die USA die Sanktionen gegen Russland und den Iran verschärft. Im Rahmen eines Workshops beleuchten Peter Riehle, CEO der WITTENSTEIN Holding, Corporation, und Karen A. McGee, Managing Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP, die aktuelle Entwicklung und deren Auswirkungen auf deutsche Unternehmen. Das ausführliche Programm der Konferenz steht unter zum Download bereit!


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