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Wie kann man Ostdeutschland und Entwicklungsländer nachhaltig aufbauen? Hier mein bester Ansatz.
Thomas Ackermann Submit your electric mobility abstract now! E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium, Stockholm/Sweden, 15 Oct. 2018
Call for Papers open until 11 May!
To achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement the share of electric vehicles in the transportation sector must increase significantly.
This may lead to many challenges for the power system.
Questions such as ...
• What is the impact of a larger share of EVs on the grid?
• How will the charging infrastructure need to develop?
• How will the power systems of the future look like?
...will be addressed in the presentations of experts on electric mobility and grid integration during the 2nd E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium:
We would be happy to include your take on the matter in this year’s edition of the E-Mobility Integration Symposium: upload your abstract now:
We are looking forward to discussing the future impact of electric mobility on power system design and operation with you in Stockholm!
Best regards,
The Workshop Team
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Sub-Saharan Africa is responsible for just 7% of global greenhouse-gas emissions, despite being home to 14% of its people. But that may be changing. A dozen countries are building or planning new coal-fired power plants. Policymakers worry that development might slow if Africa meets its commitments under the Paris climate agreement. The two imperatives often pull in opposite directions.


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