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Clara I. Velasco García Erasmus Clara"s ROOMS
Good evening my name is Clara and I am the administrator of Erasmus Clara "s ROOMS, my association with Erasmus, Seneca, Spanish, trainees, etc ... Students should be at the service I am hostess for his accommodation in Salamanca, with the experience nine years, your accommodation, learning Spanish, care and everything they need during their stay in the city. Thank you for your attention, greetings from the Golden City.
Clara Velasco.
Carolin von Tippelskirch Please support me by answering this survey for my Master's thesis
Hello everyone!
I am currently conducting a Germany - USA country comparison based on consumer's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expectations toward companies and desperately need more American participants.
Would you do me a favor by sparing 10-15 minutes to take this survey for my Master's thesis? I truly appreciate it and am happy to share the results with whoever is interested.
Thank you so very much in advance and have a great weekend!


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