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Alumni of Massey University, New Zealand

Massey University alumni group: If you studied at Massey Palmerston North or Auckland campus, get connected here!

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Dear fellow Massey alumni,
I just received an invitation to an interesting survey from Massey University. The subject is overseas alumni relations and it really makes you think what we would actually want to get out of and expect from being part of an alumni network. I'm looking forward to seeing the alumni relations bureau getting more active in the future.
If you would like to take part in this survey as well and you haven't subscribed to the Massey alumni e-mail newsletters yet(!), feel free to drop me a note and I will forward you the mail.
Best regards,
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Hello everybody,
I recently received a message from XING reminding me/us that this group not only exist to connect to other alumni of Massey, but also to exchange ourselves. This means, it would be greatly appreciated if you used the forum to write a little, bring the group closer together and maybe arrange a meeting somewhere for members who live close together.
As I´m travelling right now, I´m not able to contribute much to the discussion. If anyone should be interested, please contact me and I can make you a co-moderator!
Best regards from Buenos Aires,
Kunsik_Francisco Park
Yeah, I can participate for forum. Honestly, Massey guys do not know about this web site.
I better tell other Massey mates to join this web site.
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G'day mates!
Just post any questions about studying at Massey in here. We'll try our best to help ;)
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