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Eduard Töws v. Riesen Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to You All
Hallo, My Name is Eduard Töws von Riesen.
I am an Architect, Engineer and Social Entrepreneur
living and working in Hoppegarten near Berlin, Germany.
This Year All Oxbridge Students and World-Wide
Alumni receive as a very special Gift
a Honourable Membership of the
7. Fictional & 1. Semi-Real Oxbridge College
Please check out our
It’s a Social Poker Train Journey that helps You
Develop your own local Networks …
Eduard Töws v. Riesen Christmas Dinner Berlin
Christmas Dinner Berlin
Dear fellow Oxonians, dear fellow Cantabrians,
You are cordially invited for this Year
Oxford & Cambridge Dining Club, Christmas Dinner Berlin
This event is organized on an individual pay basis,
i.e. you pay for what you order. There is no participation fee.
Registration: Please register with
by December 11. Please be so kind and state your
full name as well as the names of all your guests.
Kind regards,
Demetrius A. Floudas
Dear Dr. Töws v. Riesen,
I hope that I shall not be perceived as insufferably pedantic, but the correct description of a Cambridge graduate is 'Cantabrigian'; A Cantabrian is someone from the Spanish region of Cantabria.
You did get the Other Place designation spot on though!
I hope the dinner went famously well....
Eduard Töws v. Riesen Oxford & Cambridge Dining Club Berlin Dinner 
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please save the 08. Sep. 2016 night for our next
Oxford & Cambridge Dining Club Berlin Dinner 
This Event is a self-paying Dinner 
Please register with
The exact time and venue will be forwarded to 
all participants app. one week before the event.
Best Regards, 
Dr. Eduard Toews von Riesen


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