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Sven Portz introduction - Neisse-University, "new" Harcov
Hello, Sven my name, I am one of the "pioneers" from the first year of neisse-university: from 2001 till 2004.
Students of Neisse-University are placed on the economical faculty of TUL, during her first year of studies.
Still I am living and working in the Czech Republic, in Usti nad Labem, near Dresden, 100km from Prague.
Found a place in an company, which is repairing railway freight waggons -
I am loving Liberec - and Harcov especially!!
We had a great time there: parties in "S-Club", "Had" on the roof of block B, great bike- and skiing trips, LAN-games, table soccer with amazing piazzas and beer in menza.....
Really, the best year in my life!
Recently I visited Harcov again, just to have a look:
Ex-S-Club under block A, before a quite dark, but very homely club, with purple carpets on the walls, is now a very modern, cold, big bar with a stage for live-musicians.
Watching the posters of upcoming and recent bands playing there, it seems that there are quite good bands playing --- buuuuuut: brrrrrr, where are the good, old times???????
Pizzas and beer in menza: maaaan, maaaan, very good still!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, also new furniture - and heating (but still KURVA ZIMA tam/very cold, if you are sitting longer) - the same as for old S-Club: toooooo cold atmosphere.
In front of block C they built a new building, the new S-Club, with a long bar, a fancy, modern dance stage (stairs, handrails, lifted dancing-place, professional lightening - in floor as well) and some round tables with sofas. But there are doormen as well..........
Not bad, but for a students place too professional, or better: too business-like.
Big changes you may rcognise in the town as well: new, big shopping centers opened (Forum, Plaza, ..) - but the cinemas "Lipa" and "Varsava" closed.
There is now just a "Cinemax" in a big shopping center on the road to Prague. :-(
And Tesco is being demolished completely now.
Good, old times.......
If somebody wants to have a look to Harcov - or Liberec - as well, we may went there together - always looking for people, who would like to come there with me! :-)
Have a nice time - and: Happy Eastern!!
Jindřich Ertner Welcome!
Dear friends,
I saw there is no group for TUL, so here it is. Everyone is welcome. If you have a contact to TUL please let them now. I would be glad to give the moderator function to some official representatives of the university as other seem to do it like this.
To my person, please have a look on my profile. If you feel touched, let me know!
Henry Ertner


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