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Chaitanya Kattineni Hey!!! Your search for #WebDevelopment, #MobileApp development, #DigitalMarketing ends here.
Are you looking for #MobileApps or #Website to improve your business?
I am Chaitanya from #MicroPyramid and we are a team of Professional in
· #MobileAppsDevelopment: IOS & #Android, #ReactNative Mobile Apps.
· #WebsiteDevelopment: #Python, #Django, #AngularJS, #NodeJs ...
· #DigitalMarketing: #SEO, #SEM, #SMO, #SME, #EmailMarketing, #PPC,
We have 5+ year of experience in complete IT Solution and completed more than 100 plus #websites, #mobileapplication and business solution in various domain based in India and across the world.
Reply to me if you need any kinds of help in #WebsiteDevelopmentDesigning & #MobileAppDevelopment.
If you are interested Please send me Skype ID and Phone Number, company information and an affordable quotation with the best offer.
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Isabelle Müller Mobile Tech Conference & Summit 2019 | 25. – 27. März in München | Early Bird bis 21. Februar!
Vom 25. bis 27. März 2019 startet die neue Ausgabe des MobileTech Conference & Summit - dem Konferenz- und Trainingsevent für Mobile Development!
Am ersten und zweiten Tag des Events können Teilnehmer zwischen folgenden halb- und ganztägigen Workshops zu den Themen iOS und Android Development sowie Progressive Web Apps mit Angular wählen:

>>iOS Development:

- "Machine Learning für iOS" - Alexander von Below (Deutsche Telekom AG)
- "Hey Siri, darf ich Dir meine App vorstellen?" - Alexander von Below (Deutsche Telekom AG)
- "Modularität für iOS-App-Projekte" - Ralf Ebert (Freiberufler)
- "UIKit: Interaktive Animationen" - Ralf Ebert (Freiberufler)

>>Android Development:

- "Vom App Design zum Marketplace" - Pierre Liebsch und Lars Röwekamp (OPEN KNOWLEDGE)
- "Android Deep Dive" - Pierre Liebsch und Lars Röwekamp (OPEN KNOWLEDGE)
- "Android App Development: Survival Guide" - Thomas Künneth (MATHEMA Software)
- "Kotlin vs. Java" - Danny Preussler (

>>PWA mit Angular:

- "Progressive Web-Apps mit Angular: hands-on" - Christian Liebel (Thinktecture AG)
- "Nachhaltige Lösungen mit Web Components und Angular Elements" - Manfred Steyer (SOFTWAREarchitekt)
- "Immer & überall: Offlinefähige Progressive Web Apps – am Beispiel Angular" - Thomas Hilzendegen und Manuel Rauber (Thinktecture)
Am Konferenztag wird das Event mit acht Sessions zu verschiedenen, aktuellen Mobile Themen wie z.B. „Mobile Payment“ abgerundet. Zum Programm:

>>Jetzt Frühbucher Specials sichern!

Wenn Sie sich bis 21. Februar anmelden, sparen Sie bis zu 100 € pro Ticket! Jetzt Teilnahme sichern:
Haben Sie Fragen oder Wünsche an uns? Senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail an oder rufen Sie uns an unter +49 (0)30 2148066-53.
Anupam Singh 7 Factors affecting App Development Cost
The App Development cost usually depends upon features, complexity, platform, and technology that is used for building the app. However, it is important to properly understand all the factors that influence the App Development Cost.
Below are the 7 most important factors affecting App Development Cost:
1.Platform and Technology:
If the organization consider building an app for all platforms, then the App Development Cost will be higher. The time required for the development of such apps is more because of the complexity of different programming languages. As the programming language used for iOS is different from that required for Android.
2. Features
An App usually consists of different features such as image/gallery integration, Social Logins, online payment, reservations, calendar etc. With an increase in the number of functionalities, the App development cost will increase
Generally, all apps require some sort of database and CMS in order to store and retrieve the information with ease. Setting this database feature will increase the App Development cost.
4.Screen Resolution
The screen Resolution of Smartphone devices is different from that of tablets and phablets. Developing a tailored app to support all type of screen resolutions requires more time and eventually the App Development Cost goes up.
5.App Integration
Extra time is required to spend for an integrating an app with third-party APIs. It is usually observed that a developer has to have a fair idea about existing API before he integrates it with new App. This process is usually complex, time-consuming which ultimately lead to App Development Cost.
6.Offline Support
Mobile app Offline Support refers to the ability of an app to react flawlessly to an unstable network connection. Developing an offline support facility for apps is time-consuming. Due to this, the App Development Cost increases gradually.
Testing is a symbolic element to determine the cost. It is ultimately important to conduct an extensive testing before the launch of the app.
The first testing may not be the last testing. So there is a possibility of repetitive testing in case of non-achievement of the desired success rate. This element increase App Development Cost.
Suma Soft offers best App Development Cost to the clients from various industry backgrounds such as the Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Travel, Retail, E-commerce.
Our App Development services help businesses to create a unique brand identity.Get a Free Demo of our services.Know More>>
Anupam Singh Mobile App Development Outsourcing: Five Reasons You Need to Get it Done by a Third Party
The monumental rise in the number of smartphone users worldwide clearly outlines the underutilized potential of mobile app development and it’s outsourcing.
The cut-throat competition among companies has given rise to nearly a 50% increase in the number of applications available on Google Play and iOS store in the last two years. A recent report by Technavio has predicted a 27% CAGR for the mobile app development outsourcing industry in the next 4 years.
Every brand/business has realized that the mobile space, not the web, is the present and future of customer communication, which is why they all have begun to outsource their app development to vendors with more expertise. Outlined below are five very good reasons on why a brand/business must outsource their mobile app development to a third party:
1. App development firms/companies tend to have years of technical expertise that will promise seamless integration and execution of the new apps. Their inputs of various subject matter details, industry knowledge, and market understanding help you make better informed decisions for your brand, keeping abreast of the dynamic mobile app industry.
2. If you invested in app development as a brand yourself, it would probably cost you a lot more money for setting up the infrastructure and experimenting with app solutions that fit your needs. However, outsourcing it to able, expert vendors will result in huge cost-savings and reduction in the efforts too.
3. A great understanding if the mobile app development market is what entails the success of a good mobile app execution. Outsourcing your app development to a qualified third party, it ensures that they employ their existing reports to deliver efficient results while still maintaining transparency throughout the process.
4. When you outsource your mobile application development, it reduces costs and efforts and, in turn, allows you to focus your resources into other core competencies for developing your business. It’s broadens your scope of work and allows you to refocus your technical expertise elsewhere.
5. The most important aspect however is end-to-end service. Whether it is app development for iOS or Android, outsourced expertise provides you with a detailed assistance, right from ideation, development, testing, and direct launch. It also allows you to experiment your app in the market and tailor it according to your needs and fit into a certain niche that works for you.
Suma Soft's mobile app development software and assistance services offer great skill and expertise to create apps that are customized for your unique business needs. Our optimal quality processes ensure less bugs and all-round app development at each stage. For more details, drop us a mail at
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