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Angular JS

This group is intended for Developers, Businesses and Entrepreneurs to share experiences, gain knowledge and discuss about Angular JS.

Only visible to XING members Angular JS by Example by Chandermani Arora on packtpub
Please checkout the book at packtpub. Happy reading and designing awesome solutions for your clients using Angular JS.
Gatis Jansons
Danke für Infos. Ich habe gelesen das Inhaltsverzeichnis, nicht viel Neues für mich, aber scheint für Anfänger geeignet. Bemerkte es auch über Batarang schreibt, es ist ein wirklich wertvolles Werkzeug.
Stephen Joseph AngularJS 1.4 Announced, More to Come in 2015
Work on AngularJS 1.4 has begun. After announcing their plans for version 2.0, the team has decided to advance version 1.x with new features and continue active development on it throughout 2015.
It's still early in the cycle, so there isn't an exact list of features or changes. In a blog post, Brian Ford described the main "themes" for version 1.4 as:
New Router
Find more information here :
Stephen Joseph Let the world know what do you think about Angular JS
Why not become a member of this open group and start your own discussions? Let the world know what do you think about Angular JS.
Roman Zoun
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Stephen Joseph
Hi Roman, Thanks for your comments. Yes, it is a powerful tool and as you said a bit complicated...but once you gain good experience in building applications...its a smooth sailing :).....Are you working on any project on Angular JS at the moment ?


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