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Ali Abdallah You are safe in Egypt
A plot of land
The area is 33400m according to the state and investment mien.
Width of beach on the sea is 132m.
Location:is north of Marsa Alam Red Sea.
Land owner: a company is not persons (from origins of company).
Buildings license ( construction a tourist hotel project) it is four stars hotel+ building hotel rooms with 400 rooms + villas and chalets+trading shops+ administrative building.
Security and environmental approvals:
Concrete buildings were constructed from the project.
Price: the price is caluated with meter including constructed buildings,when negotiating and seriousness in agreement.
Transfer of ownership : selling is done by transferring shares until implementation 60% of the project by the contract of the state and company on the land. The ownership is transferred fully . As the land is considered from origins of company.
Ali Abdallah Your investment in Egypt is ensured
A plot of land
The area is 35000 m according to the contract of the states.
Width of beach on the sea is 200 m.
Location: Safaga Red sea.
Land owner is a person not company.
Building license (construction a tourist village project: it is three stars hotel_ Building hotel rooms with 80 rooms_ villas and chalets_ shopping center_ diving center _ where services and workers accommodation.
Security approvals : the higt of Buildings on the ground are 12 m.The rest of licenses are being ending and modifying.
Concrete Buildings from project were constructed.
Price (the price is calculated with meter including the constructed buildings) when negotiating and seriousness in agreement.


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