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Pierre Coupet Represent China on Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium
I don't have to be a psychic in order to know your very first question: What in the world is a Virtual Campus Dormitory and why should I be jumping up and down with joy and excitement for an opportunity to be a part of this Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium?
To answer the first part of your question, that information is already included in the following article I wrote back in July 2013 titled "A Paradigm Shift: From Public School to Virtual Campus Dormitory."
To answer the second part of your question, it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that you take the time to read that entire article for this very simple reason: It encapsulates the vision behind a Virtual Campus Dormitory and our mission. That article is, in essence, A Blueprint for All Future Virtual Campus Dormitories Around the Globe. .. (continue reading at :: ::)
Pierre Coupet Have a Cheerful Holiday Season!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!
Hoping that your holiday season will be full of joy and happiness :: ::
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Pierre Patenaude Pierre Patenaude
I am pleased to introduce myself to the group.
I own and manage Parallaxe which is a product development firm based in Canada. We have Client all over the world, in Europe, Norh America and Asia.
We are looking for to expand our activities in China. So I will be please to exchange on this topic with fellow group members. We are looking for potential Client and partners in this venture.
Parallaxe aims at transforming our Clients innovation into successful, user friendly, and profitable products.
We won a "Sucessful Design China" Award in 2012 in the Computer & Business category for the outstanding industrial design for a new product introduced on the Chinese market.


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