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Alina Sibinger exhibition between china and germany
Dear China lovers
by Xing I became aware of this group. I myself am an art history and economics student and have lived half a year in Shanghai, studied, for 2014 I am planning an exhibition of Chinese, German artists of the Düsseldorf Academy. It is about a cultural exchange between Germany and China and to dedicate the exhibition also this topic. We are looking for sponsors, implementers for this project, because a portion of the money will be donated to an orphanage in Shanghai. If I have piqued your interest, I would be happy if we come in contact. I am happy to send you to the exhibition concept.
Regards, Alina Sibinger
Dieter Bickenbach Looking for Sponsors for "The Breathing Point Project - An international Art Dialogue"
Imagine someone would reinvent the math and give it a new philosophical grounding. That's what Lere O. Shakunle did. The result is Transfigural Mathematics.
Imagine an international artist is inspired by this mathematico-philosophical approach so profoundly, he makes it the foundation for his work. This is what David Dibiah, an international artist in the best sense of the term, did.
Imagine a Berlin based gallery loves the idea of creating an art space discussing the matter with artistic means. This is what did - a gallery on the way to reinvent itself.
Out comes
the "Flow of the Zero Spiral" - an art space dedicated to the artistic dialogue around the concept of Transfigural Mathematics and
the Breathing Point Project - an art project that invites artists from the five continents to start an artistic dialogue inspired by the concept of the Breathing Point Geometry.
We are looking for sponsors for this innovative and remarquable project.
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