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Daniel Deeb Badr Costs of living in Singapore
Verena Fäßler Umfrage: Einflussfaktoren auf die Entscheidung für oder gegen einen Auslandsaufenthalt
Liebe Gruppenmitglieder,
welche Einflussfaktoren spielen bei der Wahl eines Auslandsaufenthaltes eine Rolle? Inwiefern wird die Wahl, ob man für längere Zeit ins Ausland gehen wird, durch die Erziehung oder breites kulturelles Wissen beeinflusst?
Im Rahmen meiner Bachelorarbeit untersuche ich diese Fragen und bitte Sie, an meiner Umfrage teilzunehmen. Die Bearbeitung dauert zwischen 15-20 Minuten.
Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung.
Bernadette Ana Bruckner FEMPRESS veröffentlich ein Buch von Frauen für Frauen
Before I published my first book in January I would never have guessed that I would call myself a "published author" someday - a dream came true ... and now it´s your turn!
If you ever wanted to write your own book and inspire others with your unique story, then this is for you!
I´m launching with my company Fempress Media a new book project called "How did you do that?" and we´re looking for 50 inspiring and highly driven personalities (women!) who want to share their stories, coming from a place called "nothing" and build "the special something" out of it.
We´re looking for women who made it through big life changes. It doesn´t matter if you got fired from your job and built your own business, if you came from a financial disaster and made your way out of debt just by yourself or if you went through a horrible divorce, lost everything and made it (with your kids) back to a life you call "worth living". We´re looking for you if you're willing to share your story and answer the question "How did you do that?"
The only requirement: You're willing to share your story, the truth, nothing polished, nothing modified... AAANNDD .... important .... This book will be in german (for now), but internationally published.
If you think this is you're calling or you know someone who´s the perfect fit, send me an email ( and let´s talk about the details.
Mehr Informationen findet Ihr hier:


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