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Michael Dann Sounding my own Trumpet
I arrived in China, July 2004 where I have taught English as a Foreign Language for 3 years. I have taught students of all ages, from 3 year old children to mature adults. I have also taught for a range of purposes including, IELTS, Business, CET, TEM, Hospitality and General English at XinHua University, AnHui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, AnHui Agricultural University and various colleges.
I taught in Western Australian schools and Universities as a primary teacher, Computer Co-ordinator and Lecturer covering small isolated communities and very large metropolitan schools as well as been a trainer for Government and Private Industry for over 14 years.
Teaching Methods and Philosophy
As an English teacher, my focus is on developing Cultural Awareness through Language Experience and Student Centred Learning methods, using inquiry based research and presentations whereby the students research their topics in English and demonstrate their knowledge using PowerPoint and/or speaking presentations as well as informal small group discussions.
Since arriving in China, I have developed an understanding of Chinese Teaching and Learning methods through developing an understanding of the Chinese culture. I adopt strategies which transits students from Memorised Response Learning to Proactive and Interactive Learning to be able to use English in a Variety of Situations.
I focus on IELTS as a benchmark for Student Outcomes and Assessment. In particular, I focus on Australian-Chinese themes for classroom material and discussions. I use Standard British (International English) with a soft Australian accent. I usually identify and discuss US English differences.
Michael Dann
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Sarah Stewart Research by INSEAD Professor indicates that living abroad enhances creativity
Link to the full article, here:
Michael Dann
Re: Creativity
I bet the same goes for "Problem Solving" skills as well.
Considering Chinese as being a memory language and English being a problem solving language, I wonder if learning English has much to do with the development of creativity and problem solving in Chinese learners.
I have noticed significant development in learner's creativity and problem solving skills in those when they begin to use English rather than just memorised response.


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