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Automotive suppliers

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Anand Soni Automatic Car Wash Machine Market 2025 – Tunnel Car Wash, Self-Serve Car Wash, In-Bay Car Wash, Drives, Motors, Foamer System, Dryers, Pumps
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Automatic Car Wash Machine market is expected to grow to US$ 6.61 billion by 2025 from US$ 4.83 billion in 2016.
Automatic Car Wash Machine market by systems is segmented into tunnel car wash systems, in-bay automatics car wash systems and self-serve car wash systems. The rise in disposable incomes of individuals in the developed as well as developing economies, rising implementations of strict water regulations on the usage of water for car washing purposes are some of the factors that are proving to be highly conducive to the growth of professional car wash machines market. automatic car wash machine market is highly fragmented market with the top ten companies accounting for approximately 20% of the market share. Less entry barriers to enter the business has favored the influx of many small companies into this business.
Some of the global key players operating in the Automatic Car Wash Machine market are
Coleman Hanna
WashTec AG
Washworld Inc.
MacNeil Wash Systems
Carolina Pride Car Wash Solutions and Systems
Autec, Inc.
Motor City Car Wash Works, NS Wash Systems
PECO Car Wash Systems
Prestige Car Wash Equipment


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