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Chandrashekar Cheeripall Need some references how to use Davinci Developer and Configurator Tool
Could anyone please let me know is there any documents or videos which will help me in using of Davinci Developer for creating software components and Ports creation and mapping of ports and Runnables creation and RTE mapping.
Am using Developer tool newly, I am bit confuse in creating connections between and ports.
Best Regards,
atul agarwal Becoming a AUTOSAR development partner
I have been sending emails to AUTOSAR admin for information on how to become a Development Partner but there seems to be no response. Can somebody describe the process of becoming an AUTOSAR partner.
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Master DEM Configuration
what is the use of Combined DTC Master Configuration Event(Define "master configuration" event for combined DTCs) ?
Rishi Mhatre
According to AUTOSAR Dem module, Event combination is used when single DTC code is used for multiple events.
Let's say you have 'xxxx' DTC for temperature sensor and it has 4 different events(HighTemp, LowTemp,etc). Then all the attributes(Aging ,Failure counter, Op. Cycle,FF-Data, etc.) of all 4 events are same and need not configure repeatedly.
In above case Master Event is useful which adopts all the attributes for remaining 3 events.