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Hello All,
I am configuring Autosar ADC Module. In the Da Vinci Configurator I have configured ADC with 2 Groups ( Hardware Triggered - using Internal Timer). In the IO Hardware Abstraction I called the ADC Api as per the sequence diagram. My ADC Driver is always in ADC_BUSY. The ADC Driver is not coming to either "ADC_STREAM_COMPLETED" or "ADC_COMPLETED".
When I analysed I found ADC ISR dependeny is there as per Chapter number 8.6.3 of AUTOSAR_SWS_ADCDriver.pdf (Version : 4.3.1) should be configured. So I configured in the IRQ component by giving Priority for ADC Hardwares. Even after that the ADC ISR is not called during Runtime. The ADC ISR not called and thus the ADC Driver is in ADC_BUSY state always. I have a doubt did I properly configured ADC Config in IRQ. But as far as I know I have referred the AURIX IRQ Manual and ADC Driver Manual I have configured everything.
Can anyone could be give any solution for the issue?
Is my analysis of finding the Root Cause is wrong ?
Addition Information :
In the ADC Register Result Buffer the Raw values are updated. This is can able to see it via Debugger.
Thanks in advance!
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I solved the Issue. the ecuM stub the ADC IRQ function was not activated. After the Activation the ADC IRQ was enabled and now the Results are seen in the Buffer. Thanks !
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using Elektrobit Tresos studio to configure DoIp module I have to specify at least 2 DoIpTcpconnection in which I configure PDUs
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Kiran RP
DCM pdus are required for UDS requests and response in DoIPTCPConnection. General purpose PDUs can be used for DoIPChannel PDUs which are used in vehicle identification and discovery.


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