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Brian Taylor [100% Off Eduonix Coupon] DevOps on AWS : Learn to set up your infrastructure on cloud
In this AWS devOps course developers will learn devOps on AWS, master devOps concepts, along with the AWS tools from scratch
Bohdan Mantula 2018 in review: State of DevOps adoption
Get read of the state of DevOps in 2018! The freshest data is summarized and shown in clear charts and strict numbers. The DevOps approach to software delivery went through a long and thorny path, but those who dared to adopt it are already gained the notable rise of productivity.
Bohdan Mantula How to create a self-healing IT infrastructure
A self-healing IT infrastructure has always been a desirable goal to reach. But can the DevOps team actually build self-managed environments where the system itself handles the configuration? If yes then, is there any roadmap to follow? Our latest article covers this issue in great detail.


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